Virtual Currency Today Launched by Networld Media Group

Virtual Currency Today Launched by Networld Media Group

Virtual Currency Today is a new online resource for businesses seeking to better understand how to integrate virtual currencies such as Bitcoin into their payment structures and day-to-day operations.

Networld Media Group has announced the launch of Virtual Currency Today, a new primary resource for businesses, organizations, institutions and others seeking to better understand how to integrate virtual currencies such as Bitcoin into their payment structures and day-to-day operations.

Virtual Currency Today will:

  •     Provide the latest details on critical technologies and processes enabling businesses and organizations to accept and process virtual-currency transactions;
  •     Report on critical technologies that are allowing consumers to spend virtual currency, as well as convert fiat monies into virtual currencies;
  •     Keep readers informed of the most-recent news concerning governmental regulations and laws that affect virtual currencies;
  •     Regularly address privacy, security, fraud and other potential concerns that challenge the virtual-currency ecosystem;
  •     And much more.

"Retailers, restauranteurs and other merchants are desperate for well-written, objective information that they can put to use immediately in their businesses," says Kathy Doyle, EVP and Publisher of Networld Media Group. "So, too, are financial institutions and executives from industries around the country, as they strive to see how virtual currencies can be integrated into their own companies. It's a business-to-business challenge that Networld Media Group is very well equipped to address."

Virtual Currency Today will be edited by Gregory Sharpless, the Editorial Director of Networld Media Group and a veteran editor in the business-to-business space. Joining him in providing regular content for the new site will be Will Hernandez, Editor of Mobile Payments Today, and Suzanne Cluckey, Editor of ATM Marketplace, two other brands under the Networld Media Group umbrella.

"Virtual Currency Today will serve as the premier information conduit for all of the stakeholders in the virtual-currency economy, which is taking shape before our very eyes," says Sharpless. "Virtual currencies are no longer on the horizon. They are here -- and they're beginning to be utilized by consumers and to be accepted by merchants of all shapes and sizes. Around the world, governments and financial institutions are evaluating virtual currencies to determine how they can fit into current financial structures and systems. Meanwhile, technology providers have been rapidly putting together the tools to allow virtual currencies to be used for transactions of all kinds. It's history in the making and we'll be on the front lines."

In addition to introducing the new site, the company is also announcing the launch of a sister event, the Virtual Currency Today Summit. Taking place April 29, 2015, at Boston's Back Pay Hilton, the new Virtual Currency Today Summit will explore when, why, and how digital currencies will go mainstream, and address their impact on payments, retail, and other affected industries.

“The Virtual Currency Today Summit advances our strategy of building an end-to-end payment-media division,” says Networld’s CEO, Tom Harper. “ATM Marketplace has covered the cash end of the payment spectrum since 1997. A few years ago, we added Mobile Payments Today and more recently launched our ATM & Mobile Innovation Summit. When virtual currency burst onto the world’s payment scene, we knew it was time for another addition to our media portfolio. The interplay among cash, mobile and virtual currency is evolving faster than anyone predicted. We are thrilled to be jumping into the chaotic world of virtual currency alongside so many other thinkers and innovators.”

The Virtual Currency Today Summit

Virtual Currency Today


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