London Fashion House Leads the Way in Technology by Accepting Digital Currency

London Fashion House Leads the Way in Technology by Accepting Digital Currency

Bitcoin Accepted at Florian London. The interaction between producer and consumer is not subject to the restrictions of added time or fees. It entirely opens up our network and opportunities, giving us an edge as an emerging brand in the high fashion industry.

London-based fashion designer and retailer, Florian London, demonstrated their commitment to the tradition of British sophistication, class and elegance, by staying at the forefront of customer needs and solidifying a partnership with BitPay. BitPay is a payment service that allows customers to pay for goods and services with the global digital currency, bitcoin. Stepping into previously uncharted territory as the first UK fashion house to make this progressive move, Florian London’s customers can now purchase their handcrafted, genuine leather handbags online in a new way.

Bitcoin is essentially open-source money, meaning anyone can access and edit it, which creates a peer-to-peer based digital currency – also called cryptocurrency. No centralized bank or governmental authority owns or controls bitcoin, but rather its users and developers cohesively manage the technology in a flexible and democratic manner. Bitcoin works as a measure of currency in a credit-based trading system between individuals and businesses, much like gold or cash, but solely through the internet.

What this means for businesses like Florian London is that online transactions can take place quickly with almost no fees. There is a lower risk of fraud due to the irreversible nature of bitcoin payments, too. Plus, international transactions can be done with no extra limits or delays, and greater security and control exists through all of their transactions. By reducing the limitations of cost, time, paperwork and security hazards that credit card purchases can pose, Florian London crosses a new threshold and has a significant advantage against its surrounding competitors. Additionally, bitcoin allows Florian London a greater range of freedom when handling purchases from a significant demographic of international customers.

“Our products appeal to women in their twenties and thirties who are busy, have full-time careers, and who are on some occasions additionally running a household with children. Using bitcoin allows freedom and flexibility for us as business owners and for our clientele. The interaction between producer and consumer is not subject to the restrictions of added time or fees. It entirely opens up our network and opportunities, giving us an edge as an emerging brand in the high fashion industry,” explains Tola, co-owner and designer at Florian London.

Florian London has partnered with BitPay, an electronic payment processing system for bitcoin, that works much in the same was as Paypal does for credit cards. BitPay is currently available as a payment option when purchasing products through Florian London’s shop online section of its website.

About Florian London

UK-based Florian London is a lifestyle brand by founder John Edwards that brings forth to the market quality fine leather products with detailed and sophisticated design and style. Florian London’s handbag products combine high fashion and practicality, trendiness and functionality, to best suit a busy woman’s day-to-day lifestyle.

Products under the Florian London brand include tote bags, shoulder bags, evening bags, clutches, cardholders, coin purses and zip wallets. Florian London uses naturally tanned leather products made with respect to the environment that are designed to last a lifetime. Florian London’s bags have been featured in the press through many high fashion magazines including Vogue, Ok! Magazine and Boutique.

To learn more about Florian London, including their craftsmanship and products, visit, or follow their blog at

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