Agora Commodities Enriches Bitcoin Market by Offering Bitcoin Silver Specie

Agora Commodities Enriches Bitcoin Market by Offering Bitcoin Silver Specie

Agora Commodities has teamed up with New Liberty, the makers of the Bitcoin Silver Specie, in order to shorten much of the gap that still exists between the historical standard of money i.e., gold and silver and the digital world's first currency, Bitcoin.

The possibility of silver specie being an integral part of Bitcoin's promising future is highly likely. Gold and Silver are great for in person transactions but are highly burdensome as distance and countries increase. Bitcoin is very useful in sending money throughout the world but lacks luster at point of sale due to its need of six network confirmations before you can trust you actually have your bitcoin.

Bitcoin's value is consensus based, not backed, and not intrinsic. Bullion is the opposite. The hope is that by providing this offering Agora Commodities creates a way to unify these, and in so doing make each better than they could be alone.

Agora Commodities

Agora Commodities, already the largest bullion dealer accepting bitcoin for payment, is confident that sound monetarist throughout the world will embrace this new bullion standard.

Visit Agora Commodities to secure your Bitcoin Silver Specie:

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