Cosmetic Surgery Recovery Program Announced for Bitcoin Users and Foreigners

Cosmetic Surgery Recovery Program Announced for Bitcoin Users and Foreigners

One of the strategies they implemented was the acceptance of Bitcoin as an official payment method. Now they take another step forward in this direction with the recovery program “Home Away Vanity”, unique in the Florida.

Before and after a surgery, patients need help in all the different stages, outside the surgical room and even more during their recovery period. When it comes to outpatient procedures, foreigners or people who live outside the Miami locality do not usually have a place to stay and hotels are not a good alternative.

Recognizing this inconvenience, Vanity created their “Home Away Vanity” program for out of town patients. Patients can now stay within Vanity’s 3000 square feet specially arranged recovery facility, until they are able to take a plain or drive back home. The time depends on the surgery and it varies from 5 to 10 days.

This unique service benefits patients who live outside Miami. While these patients stay in town during and after their procedure, Vanity Cosmetic Surgery provides for them everything necessary for their surgery and recovery including transportation, food and nutrition, a private bedroom and post treatment therapy. Vanity’s talented Doctors and caring Nurses will carefully monitor the progress of these patients 24 hours a day for the first 72 hours after the surgery. Via their aid, these foreign patients may rest easily during their recovery period.

Their nutrition experts make certain that the patients get the nutrients they need to speed up their recovery process. These experts provide a three course meals specially prepared, with snacks included.

In addition, to pass the time, Vanity offers their patients a wide range of entertainment options that include free Cable TV, with HBO and Showtime movies, as well as an iPad with WiFi during their stay; to all patients that opt in for this program.

Vanity also provides the necessary medicines, creams and massages a patient needs during their recovery period. While staying, their massage experts gently massage the surgery scars away. In essence, Vanity Cosmetic Surgery brings the Spa experience to their patients. Any patient may request to receive their complete recovery program, with their procedure for a very reasonable fee depending on the procedure the patient is recovering from.

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About Vanity Cosmetic Surgery

Vanity’s complete recovery program can be found in all of Vanity’s clinics located in Miami, Hialeah and Plantation. They can offer this service thanks to their large 5000 square feet state of the art facility. This makes them one of the largest plastic surgery centers in all of South Florida.

They specialize in TUBA (Trans-umbilical breast augmentation), liposuction, butt-lift and breast reduction. They also perform the most different kinds of plastic surgeries in all the US. They actually perform the most TUBA surgery in all of the US, making them an authority in this procedure. For their foreign and domestic patients, Vanity gives them a Bitcoin payment option. Some of the procedures like TUBA cost BTC 7.94; other procedures cost: Tummy Tuck BTC 5.90, Liposuction BTC 0,68/area, Breast Augmentation BTC 7.96, and Brazilian Butt Lift BTC 8.83.

About Bitcoins

Bitcoins, a new revolutionary internet currency, promises to become a universal currency. Anyone can open a bit account, for free. In, costumers may buy or sell their Bitcoins. Should the costumer desire it, they may increase the safety of their purchases by paying a minor security fee. Most purchases do not require this security fee.

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