Ethereum is Primed to Shoot Towards $400 as Market Support Is Strong

Ethereum is Primed to Shoot Towards $400 as Market Support Is Strong

Ethereum and Bitcoin have seen mixed performance over the past few days. There was an attempted breakout a few days ago, but that failed due to weakness in legacy markets. ETH is up 0.8% in the past 24 hours, slightly outperforming Bitcoin. Ethereum is primed to move higher in the coming week or two due to on-chain and technical support, one analyst says. This rally would be in line with the introduction of the ETH2 […]

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The Crucial Level to Watch as Ethereum Prepares to Shoot Toward $700

Ethereum topped out dramatically in August when it hit $490, then crashed. The coin currently trades for $370, 25% below those highs. Analysts think that Ethereum could soon shoot higher as the macro trend remains bullish. ETH will need to hold a crucial support level in the $300 range, then decisively surmount the year-to-date highs around the high-$400s. Institutions are getting bullish alongside technical analysts. Grayscale Investments recently revealed that it has accumulated 2% of […]

Analyst Thinks Bitcoin’s Pump Toward $14,000 “Seems Fishy”

Analysts fear that Bitcoin is primed to drop after the $14,000 break on Saturday. The recent price action has been spotty due to a lack of follow-through at $14,000. An analyst also added that with uncertainty in the stock market and with the U.S. Dollar Index on support, BTC has a good chance at moving lower as opposed to higher. Bitcoin Primed to Drop, Analysts Fear Analysts fear that Bitcoin is primed to retrace as […]

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Ethereum is expected to shoot higher in the weeks ahead despite the recent price consolidation. The cryptocurrency has held well in the high-$500s despite some downward pressure in the Bitcoin price. Analysts think that ETH could push toward $900 and beyond in the near future, especially due to the positive fundamental event of the ETH2 launch. Boosting Ethereum’s prospects, analysts are also bullish on Bitcoin. Ethereum Could Shoot Even Higher, Leading Analysts Say Ethereum is […]