Swan Bitcoin Launches Bitcoin ‘Canon’ Resources Hub

Swan Bitcoin Launches Bitcoin ‘Canon’ Resources Hub

Swan said it expects the collaborative initiative, Bitcoin Canon, to become the go-to destination for learning about Bitcoin.Swan Bitcoin has announced Bitcoin Canon, a new platform of educational Bitcoin content curated by Bitcoiners to bring high-quality information to the masses.“Over the years, we have seen the educational resources in the Bitcoin space grow in both quality and quantity,” Swan’s VP of education and marketing, Brady Swenson, said in a statement sent to Bitcoin Magazine. “The goal with the Bitcoin Canon is to collect and organize the best bitcoin content on the web in....

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As the first financial advisory platform focused purely on Bitcoin, Swan Advisor Services lets advisors monitor, manage and custody their clients’ BTC.

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The acquisition enables Swan Bitcoin to service its users from the point of initial education all the way through to self-sovereignty while keeping Specter open-source.

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The term "Black Swan Event" describes certain events in history so profoundly unexpected and massive in scale, that they fundamentally changed the course of history. There are good Black Swans (the unpredicted rise of the internet), and bad Black swans (rise of Hitler). The absurdity of a Black Swan ever existing was so outrageous during the middle ages it became a metaphor for the laughably impossible. In today's world we might comparably say something about snowball's chance in Hell. For many centuries, the metaphor existed until about the year 1700 they were discovered to actually to....