Opens To Offer Anonymous Web Hosting To The Bitcoin Community Opens To Offer Anonymous Web Hosting To The Bitcoin Community, a performance-driven web hosting provider that accepts Bitcoin, has recently announced the launch of their anonymous web hosting services, and has added anonymous domain registration to the list of privacy minded hosting solutions.

“We provide solutions for people seeking anonymity,” says Robert Lons, Co-Founder and CMO of “It’s quite apparent that with the rise of crypto-currencies, people are interested in more than privacy. They want to do business with companies that are focused on Bitcoin’s growth, and share the same ideals. At our core, we are a web hosting solution built for the Bitcoin community.”

With the recent news stories circulating the media concerning government programs like PRISM, privacy concerns have increased around the globe. This sparked concern has fueled the popularity and growth of digital “crypto-currencies” like Bitcoin.

Bitcoin acts as digital cash. Therefore, it is not prone to the same types of fraud or chargeback schemes that plague traditional credit cards. Bitcoin prevents chargebacks because once a payment is made, it is non-reversible. When there is zero fraud risk, companies have no need to collect personal details, as it’s typically only needed to prevent fraud in the first place – Bitcoin eliminates this. only requires an email address from customers. As their privacy policy indicates, when paying with Bitcoin, Western Union, or MoneyGram customers do not have to enter any personal information.

What sets apart is the fact that they have serious hosting infrastructure. While the Bitcoin hosting niche is quite small, has servers housed in data centers spanning two continents and provides enterprise level hosting. They also provide shared hosting, anonymous VPS hosting , dedicated servers, DDoS protection, and anonymous domain registration.

“Quite simply, we have positioned ourselves to be able to deliver an exceptional hosting experience to every one of our customers”, says Robert Lons.

“Whether you need simple website hosting, or a dedicated server, we have a solution that will meet your needs. We even offer DDoS protection – and all of our services can be purchased with Bitcoin.”

About offers superior solutions for those seeking truly anonymous web hosting and domain registration. As a performance driven hosting provider, focuses on providing the best anonymous hosting services in the world. Anonymity and performance should go hand and hand, at – they do. Sign up with only an email. Privacy respected. Bitcoin Accepted.

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