Spend Bitcoin On Everything, Everywhere With All4BTC – Automatically Purchase From eBay, Amazon And Anywhere Else Online

Spend Bitcoin On Everything, Everywhere With All4BTC – Automatically Purchase From eBay, Amazon And Anywhere Else Online

Based in Berlin, Germany, All4BTC was launched in April 2013: a Bitcoin service allowing consumers to purchase anything from eBay, Amazon, and anywhere else online with Bitcoin, without needing to convert coins to fiat first.

Originally conceived due to the lack of spending options available for Bitcoiners in Europe, All4BTC has rapidly grown into one of the largest Bitcoin proxy purchasing services available online: now processing over 400 orders every month from customers worldwide. Differentiating itself from similar services, All4BTC is the first Bitcoin proxy buying service to utilize a fully automated system for processing customers’ Amazon and eBay orders.

All4BTC aims to make purchasing items with Bitcoin as intuitive and user friendly as possible. Amazon and eBay purchases are fully automated with All4BTC’s innovative 3 step system: the customer simply pastes in the eBay or Amazon item URL, fills in their shipping details, and sends the Bitcoin to All4BTC via Bitpay. The customer’s order is then processed automatically by All4BTC’s state of the art automatic Amazon and eBay ordering system. All4BTC’s eBay and Amazon ordering can be seen at https://all4btc.com/

Beyond revolutionizing the ease with which anyone can now spend their Bitcoin on eBay and Amazon, it is also possible to order an item from any online store worldwide by simply filling in the web form at https://all4btc.com/buy-everywhere/ . To ensure speed of fulfillment for the end user these manual orders are processed 3 times every day, during Berlin business hours.

If safety is a concern, it is no more when dealing with All4BTC. All purchases are made using only a virtual Bitcoin and physical residential address. There is no need to include any other payment information, ensuring nobody can steal credit card numbers, bank account information or even worse, identities. All purchases are secure, safe and anonymous.

With All4BTC’s automatic Amazon and eBay ordering system and 3 times daily processing of all other orders, All4BTC gives Bitcoin enthusiasts the purchasing flexibility they have dreamed of since the inception of this unprecedented cryptocurrency. It is not surprising that All4BTC is now processing over 400 orders monthly, with order volume increasing month after month. As a whole, the global Bitcoin ecosystem itself is more robust and liquid due to the innovative services and purchasing flexibility All4BTC offers to Bitcoiners worldwide.

To see All4BTC for yourself please go to: http://all4btc.com/

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