Introducing CoinGig – The Amazon For Bitcoin

Introducing CoinGig – The Amazon For Bitcoin

In April 2013 Florida based Bitcoin ecommerce platform CoinGig was launched with the primary goal of becoming an international online Bitcoin superstore. With ever growing support from users and increasing traffic, CoinGig is becoming a popular alternative to purchase almost anything online with the digital currency Bitcoin.

As the Bitcoin equivalent of the online ecommerce giant CoinGig enables buyers and sellers across the globe to trade goods and services for Bitcoin. For the buyers peace of mind GoinGig has an integrated escrow system; the Bitcoin is not released to the seller until the buyer has received the goods. Comparable to eBay CoinGig provides a safe online shopping environment through its integrated feedback system; sellers receive a store badge for every successful transaction which is displayed on the product list alongside previous customer ratings.

The Bitcoin exchange rate on the CoinGig platform adjusts automatically to the latest BTC / USD market price every 10 seconds; ensuring both buyers and sellers get the fairest exchange rate possible for their trade.

Bitcoiners can purchase anything they might need – from business supplies to day-to-day essentials on CoinGig. Everything from arts, electronics, books, industrial merchandise, sports equipment and garden tools to pet food, clothes, jewellery, beauty products, games and more.

CoinGig is constantly working on implementing new features that will help make buying and selling products as effortless as possible. Realising that excellent customer support is the key to a successful business; CoinGig makes sure issues are resolved as soon as possible.

The idea that Bitcoiners would be hoarders is constantly proven wrong at CoinGig where people spend their Bitcoin daily when purchasing all types of merchandise.

The co-founders both agree that

“The true purpose of bitcoin is to allow conducting business easier for all parties”.

CoinGig was founded by two highly qualified individuals both with their background in engineering, one holding an MBA. They both share a mutual enthusiasm for, and years of experience in, the Bitcoin space; making them a solid team for this upcoming Bitcoin ecommerce platform.


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