The 1st Swiss Crypto Currency Exchange

The 1st Swiss Crypto Currency Exchange

eCUREX GmbH announces the launch of the 1st Swiss Crypto Currency.

We announce today the launch of the 1st Swiss Crypto Currency Exchange.

The landscape of crypto-currencies is rapidly changing and perhaps one currency that is now neglected may gain later wide adoption. As such, our portfolio of crypto currencies may change in the future, depending on global usage and needs of our customers. We are open to well-grounded suggestions.


» First Phase: Crypto-to-Crypto trade (C2C)
In this initial stage we allow users to trade in real-time 7 crypto currency pairs:
Bitcoin / Litecoin,
Bitcoin / Primecoin,
Bitcoin / Peercoin,
Bitcoin / Namecoin,
Litecoin / Primecoin,
Litecoin / Peercoin,
Litecoin / Namecoin

 » Second Phase: Crypto-to-Fiat trade (C2F)
In the next months we will extend our service also to C2F real time trade between:
CHF / Bitcoin, CHF / Litecoin
EUR / Bitcoin, EUR / Litecoin
USD / Bitcoin, USD / Litecoin
GBP / Bitcoin, GBP / Litecoin


eCUREX is a multi-academic spin-off founded in January 23, 2014 in Zurich (CH).
eCUREX is a strategic innovator in the area of finance. It takes its name from what can be defined as one of the most revolutionary financial innovations of the last centuries: the electronic currency exchange (eCUREX) market. This encompasses all those open-source projects that create digital media of exchange on the proof-of-work principle that transactions can be securely processed on a decentralised peer-to-peer network without the need for a clearinghouse. eCUREX devotes its mission to nurture promising innovative and disruptive ideas in the financial service industry by proposing innovative and alternative trading solutions and services and by applying new sets of rules and models which ultimately disrupt existing traditional areas of banking and finance. Our aim is to design, produce and support cutting-edge infrastructure for greater crypto-currency market accessibility and pricing transparency. eCUREX is among the first worldwide companies that offer a fully automated electronic currency trading system. The eCUREX trading system provides institutional clients and private investors a state-of-the-art platform that enables competitive, ultra-fast real-time access to the electronic currency exchange market.


eCUREX is committed to the highest standards of anti money laundering (AML) and Know Your Client (KYC) compliance programs. eCUREX is authorised as a ISFI (member of a SRO) under the Swiss Anti-Money Laundering Act. MD5 checksum: f64bf07a33c9f56988bd0c1b2f33d552 | and it is authorised as a MSB under the US Anti-Money Laundering Act. Nr. Reg. 31000044301294 |

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