New Cryptocurrency HYPER Offers 5% Monthly Interest, Market Stabilization Fund, Sponsors MMO Space Game Development And More. Mining Available For 8 More Days.

New Cryptocurrency HYPER Offers 5% Monthly Interest, Market Stabilization Fund, Sponsors MMO Space Game Development And More. Mining Available For 8 More Days.

New cryptocurrency HYPER features 5% monthly proof of stake interest for stakeholders, a HYPER Market Stabilization Fund, and is sponsoring the development of a space-based online strategy MMO: where players can earn HYPER by growing their own galactic empire.

The HYPER wallet is custom built with a space galactic theme. Pen and paper RPG fans worldwide can also be paid HYPER for playing old school RPGs by post on the HYPER forums. The team is also reaching out to MMO and online game operators worldwide who would like to integrate HYPER as an in-game currency into their projects. Substantial bounties are offered for operators who see the benefit of using HYPER as a game-world currency.

Proof of work Scrypt mining is only available for another 8 days before HYPER moves to pure proof of stake: rewarding holders with 5% monthy interest in exchange for supporting the integrity of the low energy proof of stake HYPER network. With only 4.5 million coins to be mined and staked (the vast majority will be mined) before the coin moves to 100% proof of stake phase – HYPER will be rare indeed.

The HYPER Market Stabilization Fund is a fund of 400 000 HYPER geared to stabilizing and increasing HYPER’s value on the exchanges, as well as constantly improving the liquidity and integrity of the HYPER ecosystem overall. Very few cryptocurrencies currently possess stabilization Funds.

For HYPER to be a viable currency the coin needs to have stable and growing value on the exchanges:

Cryptocurrencies are notoriously volatile. While coins can increase in value 1000% in the space of a week, due to the unregulated nature of the markets we have also witnessed coins lose horrific amounts of value in relatively short time-frames. The 400 000 HYPER, HYPER Market Stabilization Fund will try and ensure that HYPER value on the exchanges is stable and growing. This is vital for stakeholders to see tangible benefits from their 5% monthly interest, as well as for MMO / online game operators who will know they are partnering with a stable, valuable cryptocurrency which is here to stay. HYPER PR manager HYPERfuture says.

While cryptocurrencies and MMOs seem like obvious partners, an MMO which uses a cryptocurrency exclusively as its in game currency has never been seen before. HYPER will be sponsoring the development of a space-based online strategy MMO / virtual world which will include HYPER as the in-game currency. The HYPER team’s vision is to explore the universe, develop planets, form trade agreements with other players and acquire resources and technology which will generate HYPER for players. Plans to add more emerging currencies such as Devcoin and Bitcoin also exist.

The HYPER team plans to use open source content / frameworks to speed up the development process and is reaching out to developers worldwide to contribute.

If required investments will be made on key tools and infrastructure:

The MMO strategy space game is a long term project. We currently have a project manager, game concept world designer, sound designer, editor and graphics modeller on board. Anyone can join the project and be paid in HYPER for their contributions. We are reaching out to developers and anyone else worldwide who can bring their skills to the project and be rewarded in HYPER. In the meantime, we are also looking for online MMOs / games / virtual worlds an others who would like to integrate HYPER into their platforms as in-game currencies and earn substantial HYPER bounties for doing so.

As well as establishing partnerships with established MMOs, the HYPER team is also looking to sponsor developers that are in the planning stages of any kind of online game / virtual world / MMO and would like to use HYPER in your game world:

We can offer a substantial bounty for your work once it is live. The only limit is your imagination. If you have an idea for any service / game which will support HYPER please get in touch and we can arrange a bounty for you once the work is complete, essentially sponsoring you to develop your awesome idea.

In regards to the number of initiatives and projects the HYPER team has on the table, HYPERfuture had this to say:

Our vision is to add value and sponsor hundreds of innovative online indie games and virtual worlds across the globe through the integration of HYPER. The success of any cryptocurrency depends on the extent of its ecosystem and the options available to users for using the coin to exchange it for other items of value. Due to the number of exchanges and online services and games which will support HYPER over the coming months and years we expect this coin to have a strong, diverse and growing ecosystem. The stronger the coin, the larger the projects we can sponsor and the more benefit we can bring to developers, gamers and end users of HYPER

While only 3 days old, HYPER has already been added to solid and fast Bitcoin exchange Bittrex. The small amounts of HYPER on sale illustrates the rarity of the coin, as miners are no doubt holding to benefit from the 5% monthly staked interest.

Proof of work mining only lasts for 8 more days so savvy Scrypt miners worldwide are advised to point their rigs to HYPER now. With it’s 5% monthly proof of stake, Market Stabilization Fund and the extraordinary amount of initiatives the HYPER team has on the table; HYPER is one of the more promising, original and driven cryptocurrencies to emerge for quite some time.

To learn more about HYPER please go to:

To learn more about the HYPER space MMO please go to:

To be paid in HYPER for playing RPGs in a play by post format on the HYPER forum please go to:

To trade HYPER with BTC please go to:

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