Bitcoin Alternative HYPER Launches Minecraft Server, Space MMO, 1000+ MintPal Votes Daily

Bitcoin Alternative HYPER Launches Minecraft Server, Space MMO, 1000+ MintPal Votes Daily

Emerging cryptocurrency HYPER has just launched a Minecraft server running a custom RPG sandbox worldbuilding mod, as well as a Counter-Strike server where players earn HYPER for fragging other players, and a space strategy MMO game with plans to add an in-game HYPER exchange and galactic securities. HYPER, the game currency, is also currently receiving over 1000 votes per day to be added to MintPal; one of the highest volume and professional cryptocurrency exchange platforms in the world.

HYPER has recently resurrected the cult MMO space strategy game Zandagort; an extremely complex and deep MMO strategy game on a cosmic scale. The team has recently added a Zandagort developer to the team who will be adding an in-game galactic HYPER exchange and plans exist to implement a galactic securities exchange. The server may need to be reset to implement these changes but the community will have plenty of notice.

The HYPER Minecraft server Chaos is Moocrafts custom written HYPER RPG title that allows any person with no experience to rise up in the ranks to dominate the world of Chaos. Users will have the ability to start towns and mature them into prosperous cities as well as collecting the rarest items and becoming the strongest warrior. HYPER is the currency in the world of Chaos, players earn HYPER by Killing Players & Monsters, Collecting Bounties placed by other users, becoming a mayor of a town or a king of a nation, and collecting taxes from their citizens, as well as completing daily quests and joining community events. The server can be found at

HYPER’s Counter-Strike server has seen over 50 new players join in the last 2 days; as more and more gamers vie to earn the free HYPER on offer for fragging other players and more. The HYPER Counter-Strike 1.6 server can be joined at

The HYPER team is also working on an original space based MMO where players will be able to build a galactic that earns them HYPER, and trade HYPER and galactic securties in game on a custom exchange platform. The core HYPER MMO development team has over 10 members including science fiction authors, artists, gamers, coders, game designers and more. The ETA for the Alpha is June 2014 with public updates on the MMO development progress being made regularly.

A sneak peek from the HYPER MMO game concept document:

“HYPER is a space based 4X MMO space strategy game where players get paid the emerging cryptocurrency HYPER, through managing, growing and expanding their own intergalactic empire from humble beginnings.

Classic 4X games (such as Master of Orion, Sins of a Solar Empire, Endless Space) are big picture space strategy games with a focus on world building, technology research, expansion, diplomacy, resource management, economic management and more. Typically, as is the case with the HYPER MMO, players can choose from a number of Alien Races to play, each with different strengths and weaknesses which has a direct impact on the playing experience and the growth of their empire.

MMOs are Massively Multiplayer Online games which feature a persistent gameworld where thousands of players from anywhere on Earth interact, trade, work together, form agreements, break such agreements, earn virtual commodities, buy and sell these virtual commodities, and more. The game world is persistent in the sense that when players log back in, the world will still be there with the thousands of other players, and the resources and achievements the player has accumulated thus far in the MMO.

Half Game and half Galactic Empire Simulation, HYPER blends both 4X and MMO game tropes into a gaming experience whereby players establish, build and grow their own empire in a universe consisting of thousands of other players interacting, trading, forming and breaking alliances with each other and more.”

With it’s 5% monthly proof of stake, over 1000 votes to be added to MintPal daily, projects such as the HYPER Counter Strike server, original RPG Minecraft server, original HYPER MMO project and more; HYPER is one of the more promising, original and driven cryptocurrencies to emerge for quite some time.

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