Gaming Portal First Merchant To Check in On Danish Bitcoin Exchange CCEDK

Gaming Portal First Merchant To Check in On Danish Bitcoin Exchange CCEDK

A Bitcoin Gaming Portal Offering an 80% Revenue to Affiliate Members Registering Before September 1st 2014, has Checked in on the Bitcoin Exchange CCEDK.

“With FUN-CASINO added to the trading platform, CCEDK expects to make a strong presence in the bitcoin gaming industry, as it is expected this gaming portal will be the first of many to join the CCEDK merchant program ( in near future. It is a sector so far with the highest bitcoin usage, and is the first of many industries, where setting up a merchant account on our platform seems the right thing to do,” Ronny Boesing, CEO CCEDK ApS said in an interview.

“Once the gaming portals dealing with crypto currencies worldwide realize what we are offering, I expect them to stand in line to sign up for our merchant program”, Boesing says, and he continues.

“This program is of course also meant for all other enterprises believing in crypto currencies to be the no. 1 alternative way to pay for goods and services in the future!”

This first merchant to be listed on CCEDK online trading platform softly launched in Aprilwith support for gaming in Bitcoin and Litecoin. Already on the site is offered 40-plus games, including roulette, blackjack, Texas hold ‘em and slot machines. Worth noticing is the site’s security which is backed by iTECH Labs.

Multilingual presence

Working well together with the CCEDK strategy to be the most multilingual bitcoin exchange worldwide, FUN-CASINO at can offer some synergy to that area by being already available in the languages: English, Russian, Chinese, German, Spanish, Polish, Portuguese, Japanese, Swedish, Dutch and Turkish and many more to come!

Good news to holders of crypto currencies in general

“Today it is possible to play with Bitcoin and Litecoin on FUN-CASINO, and later on it is possible to play with all other crypto currencies via a special FUNcoin currency, which will be available for free exchange on CCEDK” Boesing says:

“In co operation with project managers of FUN-CASINO we are working on the integration and presentation of FUNcoin on our trading platform, enabling holders of alternative crypto currencies to convert for free to FUNcoin which will then be possible to be used as currency on the FUN-CASINO game portal similar to Litecoin and Bitcon.”

With numerous users of virtual currencies indulged in the world of Bitcoin Games CCEDK is already poised to generate high volume of trades. With the potential of adding future merchants from other industries as well, CCEDK seems to be going down the right track to become the natural choice of exchange for crypto currency transactions worldwide.

About CCEDK ApS is an online trading platform of digital currencies order-to-order, on which seller and buyer meet to perform their transactions peer-to-peer from crypto to crypto or fiat to crypto or vice versa. The company is registered in Denmark, a country in the EU, under the name CCEDK / Crypto Coins Exchange Denmark ApS, providing exchange services of crypto currencies like BTC, LTC and PPC paired with the fiat currencies USD, EUR, GBP, NOK, and DKK in a safe, secure and transparent environment. Payment services are provided on the basis of SOFORT instant pay system, SEPA transfers, Wire transfers and various alternative payment service providers.

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