Licensed UK Based Bitcoin Exchange Platform LazyCoins Launched Early March Serving GBP And Euro Markets With Same-Day Deposits And Withdrawals

Licensed UK Based Bitcoin Exchange Platform LazyCoins Launched Early March Serving GBP And Euro Markets With Same-Day Deposits And Withdrawals

Bitcoin exchange platform LazyCoins, took to social media on March 2nd to announce a low profile launch of their licensed (MSB) UK based Bitcoin exchange platform; which was a resounding success. With same day Euro and GBP deposits and withdrawals, LazyCoins has set a new benchmark for legally licensed Bitcoin exchanges serving the Eurozone. In just over a week, LazyCoins user base has grown by 20%; as people take advantage of LazyCoins fast, professional Bitcoin exchange service.

After recently passing security and stability tests in conjunction with careful consultation with users, the decision was taken to bring the platform out of beta. The company is aiming to become a leading name in the digital currency space.

“We’ve listened hard to the feedback from users during beta testing and have made huge leaps forward, not least in the visual design and user experience,” says Danial Daychopan, CEO and founder of LazyCoins. “And we’ve been making our security procedures ever more robust to ensure LazyCoins is the exchange people just trust,” he added.

To coincide with this official launch – and a further boost to its credibility – the company has secured its Money Business License (MSB) from Her Majesty’s Revenue and Customs (HMRC). Now a fully licensed bureau de change for GBP and Euro markets, users of LazyCoins can enjoy faster payments and same day deposits – a rarity in the industry.

This will be of great interest to UK and European customers, as it makes it easier for users to buy, trade and spend their bitcoins. And no doubt the bitcoin community will be keen to see the latest development of this rising star of the crypto industry.

“These are exciting times for LazyCoins. In the coming months we’ll be launching LazyPay, our merchant service and mobile application. Once that goes live, we’ll be hitting the streets of London on a mission to get as many merchants to start accepting bitcoin as possible. So look out for news about that campaign coming soon,”Danial added.

LazyCoins has clearly been learning from issues experienced by earlier bitcoin exchanges. The company has stated its number one priority is the security of its users’ funds and has taken an unusually precautious approach. 100% of customer funds will be protected in offline cold storage, secured with multi-signature keys, meaning the site is not vulnerable to the attacks that have damaged its competitors in the past.

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