Coinstructors Proposes Disruptive “Blockchain Solution For Greece” Amid Eurozone Crisis; is Bitcoin 2.0 The Answer

Coinstructors Proposes Disruptive “Blockchain Solution For Greece” Amid Eurozone Crisis; is Bitcoin 2.0 The Answer

London based digital currency consultancy Coinstructors is pleased to announce their latest project “A Blockchain Solution For Greece”; as well as a partnership with PR firm Bitcoin PR Buzz, and many exciting events, projects, and seminars.

Digital Currency consultancy Coinstructors – Hackcoin and online seminars “Mind The Gap Expo” organizers – are forging significant partnerships across various digital currency sectors and jurisdictions.

The most disruptive project is A Blockchain Solution for Greece. Originally a side project for a white paper for an Asset backed Digital Token for an island worth 500 000 Euros. After deeper research and the discovery of the great Greek Fire sale of the country’s assets, the project has expanded into a real life exploration project. Can the blockchain actually solve real world issues or is it simply vaporware.

One Thing Challenge alongside Brian Kelly “Fast Money Commentator” will be moderating a special panel of guests and was already featured on CNBC A Bitcoin-like solution for greece. The online seminar will be available globally on the 20th of May 2015 at Pre-Register today to not miss out on exciting panel discussion followed up by different Blockchain Solutions being presented.

Bitcoin and digital currency companies and projects worldwide are invited to exhibit at the highly anticipated online Blockchain Solution For Greece Seminar Drachmae. Interested parties can use BTCBUZZ10 in their contact information to receive a 10% discount off their virtual booth.

Coinstructors’ latest partnership in the digital currency space is with BitcoinPRBuzz to provide PR and media consultancy to blockchain based projects and startups worldwide. Other intiatives include the Expolike Joint partnership for Finance, and digital currency events such as Crypto Money Expo and Mind The Gap Expo

Coinstructors is also in the process of consulting Jetcoin on technology solutions for implementation of the Jetcoin system, and potential partnerships between jetcoin and other sports clubs.

Hackcoin Events are being hosted in Hong Kong on the 23rd of May and it is not too late to join: visit to register.

The first event will be hosted at the UBS Bank, Crypto 2.0 Lab at level 39, Canary wharf, London on the 20th of June, where 20 hackers will be working on Smart Contracts for Hack DAY.

Hackers can register at

The London Hackcoin will be broadcast over the web live via where anyone can see live interviews with hack attendees and visit exhibitors online.

Exhibitors for Drachmae, Mindthegapexpo and the the live Hackcoin broadcast are welcome to use BTCBUZZ10 in their contact information to receive a 10% discount off their exhibit.

Coinstructors has also recently launched its Jobs board where anyone can post their CV’s and Job offers alongside project listings

Some of the most significant innovations coming into play are within the Unbanked sector and Hybrid banking systems. 44Phones has joined Coinstructors to enable POC Blockchain based services for the Unbanked of Lower economies “Blockchain based system similar to M-Pesa”

To learn more please go to:

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