Bitcoin PR Buzz Announces “Blockchain Company of the Year” Contest in Partnership with Cointelegraph

Bitcoin PR Buzz Announces “Blockchain Company of the Year” Contest in Partnership with Cointelegraph

Bitcoin PR Buzz, a well-established Bitcoin press release distributor has partnered with the Cointelegraphto launch the “Blockchain Company of the Year 2016” award. Winner of the award will be decided based on a month-long community voting contest that will go on until January 20, 2017.

The Blockchain Company of the Year 2016 award winning company will receive a 1 BTC prize along with coverage on the Cointelegraph, a Premium PR package worth $879 from Bitcoin PR Buzz and a certificate. Bitcoin PR Buzz encourages the cryptocurrency community to vote and nominate candidates that they feel are a vital part of the blockchain ecosystem. Cointelegraph, one of the industry’s largest news sites will act as a control judge for the competition.

All blockchain companies are welcome to participate in the competition, either by getting nominated or by submitting the entry themselves. “Blockchain company” is a broad term and includes companies and organisations that directly or indirectly uses blockchain technology or supplies products specifically for cryptocurrency users.

More and more companies are embracing blockchain technology and every one of them are contributing to the adoption of cryptocurrencies and the blockchain; the most fundamentally disruptive technology since the emergence of the Internet itself.

Bitcoin PR Buzz hopes that the contest will bring attention to the industry as whole while giving the community a chance to award a deserving company with the title “Blockchain Company of the Year 2016”. Johanna, COO and co-founder of Bitcoin PR Buzz explains,

“Bitcoin PR Buzz has seen hundreds of cryptocurrency start-ups and projects over the years. Innovative, hardworking and passionate teams seldom get the attention they deserve. Hence we are looking to award a company that has had a major impact on the blockchain ecosystem and we feel like no one could be a better judge of that than the cryptocurrency community itself.”

How to Enter

The participant can submit an entry within minutes by visiting the contest page, filling in the form along with the company’s logo. Participants can use the easily accessible social media buttons to promote their entry.

For more information regarding contest participation, please visit:

How to Vote

Voters can cast their vote on the website by scrolling through the list of companies to read the motivations and descriptions before clicking on the vote button. Once the voter chooses a selection, a form will appear requesting the voter to verify his or her email address. This information will help prevent duplicate votes.


• Each voter may only vote once.
• A company can make one entry only.
• Software-generated votes of any kind are prohibited, so are obtaining votes by offering inducements such as money or prizes.

To read the terms and conditions please visit:

Bitcoin PR Buzz hopes that this “Blockchain Company of the Year” contest will mark the first of many and that the community will keep voting for their favourite blockchain company year after year.

About Bitcoin PR Buzz

Bitcoin PR Buzz is the first PR agency on the market to specialize in Bitcoin and Blockchain PR. It has since worked with over 500 companies and projects.

About Cointelegraph

Cointelegraph has been covering Fintech, Blockchain, and Bitcoin news since 2013. The popular news site launched an app earlier this year making blockchain news more accessible than ever.

For more information about the contest or to vote please visit:

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