GameCredits Merges Gaming and Cryptocurrencies

GameCredits Merges Gaming and Cryptocurrencies

GameCredits sets its sights on $3.5 billion gaming industry.

The imminent launch of GameCredits’ multi-player game “Ring 13: The Curse of Nakamoto, aims to propel GameCredits to the forefront of mobile and online gaming industries. Injecting itself into this market delivers a vast network of opportunity for stakeholders, investors, customers, and users alike.

  • GameCredits is the only cryptocurrency that seeks to merge the gaming industry with a socially interchangeable token ideal for in-game play and boundless applicable implementations.
  • The GameCredits API provides developers and gamers with robust in-game monetization options that are not bound by national borders.
  • GameCredits delivers incredible value to both users and investors by giving the customer the freedom to bet on their favorite gaming sites while generating maximum proceeds through the collection of marginal fees accrued on each transaction.
  • GameCredits has an attractive developer-oriented low-fee strategy, which boasts fees well below any existing distribution and/or monetization handling options.
  • All while maintaining a swift user experience for the gamer.

Implementing GameCredits' API enables game developers to focus on quality of content and playable mechanics, while leaving the API to perform intricate in-game monetization.

GameCredits is poised to dominate a substantial share of the market by facilitating the natural evolutionary merger of online games and currency-integrated gaming platforms.


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