With its Stored Payment Solution, CellPoint Mobile’s Travel Bank mWallet™ Now Offers 1-Click Checkout for Third-Party Mobile Wallets

With its Stored Payment Solution, CellPoint Mobile’s Travel Bank mWallet™ Now Offers 1-Click Checkout for Third-Party Mobile Wallets

Airlines can dramatically increase revenues, provide more passenger paths to purchase and boost customer satisfaction by adopting payment platforms with built-in stored payment capabilities that support a variety of payment methods and third-party e-wallets, according to CellPoint Mobile (www.cellpointmobile.com), a provider of mobile payment solutions and technologies to global airlines.

Bolstered by the versatility, stability and sophistication of the stored payment capability within CellPoint Mobile's Travel Bank mWallet™ solution, airlines can manage a range of passenger payments and transactions quickly and cost-effectively, including third-party mobile-wallet payments such as Apple Pay, MasterPass, Visa Checkout, Android Pay and Amex Express Checkout, says CellPoint Mobile CEO Kristian Gjerding

"Airline payments are complex because they involve multiple payment methods, multiple sales channels and now several new mobile wallets, each with their own proprietary functions and features," explains Gjerding.

"What is supposed to be a smooth process can turn costly and time-consuming for airlines as they meet requirements to integrate separate airline systems."

"Our stored payment capability simplifies the complexity, costs and time involved with the payments process, giving airlines a single platform for storing payment data and for supporting third-party e-wallets and numerous payment methods," he adds.

"Passengers are able to pay with a single click, without the need to sign in and out of different websites or apps as they travel."

New revenues streams, one-click check-outs
Aided by a secure, single sign-on platform that integrates seamlessly with a variety of payment methods and e-wallets, airlines can create new revenue streams from beginning to end of the passenger journey, according to Gjerding.  Airline passengers enjoy seamless, secure one-click payments and digital transactions without having to re-enter information, open new windows or sign on to a variety of apps.

Part of its sophisticated payments architecture and platform, CellPoint Mobile's stored payment capability enables airlines to:

Store passengers' payment directly and securely, including credit/debit card information, and alternative payment method information (e.g., bank transfers, mobile payments, pre-paid cards, Bitcoin, etc.)

Access payment information stored at third-party sites or with other payment sources, as well as third-party e-wallets such as Apple Pay, MasterPass, Visa Checkout, Android Pay and Amex

Express Checkout, through a built-in, secure credentialing process. Payments are then transacted securely and are (PCI)-compliant

Integrate their payments process seamlessly with other mobile wallets and payment methods
Manage all payments from a central dashboard that supports secure, simple, one-click check-out, regardless of how a passenger enters the payments ecosystem (website, app, loyalty program, etc.)

CellPoint Mobile's stored payment capability is managed from the same central platform that supports its Travel Bank mWallet® solution, Converged Payment Gateway, and mFraud® solution, giving airlines a versatile and multi-functional infrastructure for managing, monitoring and processing passengers' payments and transactions in real time.

About CellPoint Mobile: Making Travel Easier

CellPoint Mobile helps airlines around the world navigate and own the complex payments ecosystem from beginning to end, regardless of their passengers' preferred currency, payment method, device or channel.  Its technology infrastructure, solutions and professional services enable airlines to manage and process payments and transactions from a single, data-integrated platform, regardless of channel, device or currencies. With offices in London, Miami, Copenhagen and Pune, CellPoint Mobile serves global and regional airlines. Since 2007, its Commerce Orchestration Platform has helped companies across the world fulfil their digital strategy, increase sales and improve margins. Visit www.cellpointmobile.com or email [email protected] for more information.

CellPoint Mobile: http://www.cellpointmobile.com/

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