Conexus Corporation Subsidiary Bitcoin Direct Featured On

Conexus Corporation Subsidiary Bitcoin Direct Featured On

Conexus Corporation (OTC PINK: CNXS) announced today that its subsidiary, Bitcoin Direct LLC, a Nevada limited liability company ("Bitcoin Direct" or the "Company"), was featured on with the launch of their Mike Tyson Bitcoin ATM.

"Mike Tyson joins Bitcoin 'revolution' with Las Vegas-based ATM" was written by Sports Business reporter Darren Rovell on September 24th, the date of the Mike Tyson Bitcoin ATM launch at Off the Strip at the LINQ in Las Vegas. quoted Bitcoin Direct CEO Peter Klamka,

"The Mike Tyson Bitcoin ATM should help introduce bitcoin, the digital currency formerly seen as only used by the tech savvy, to the consumer and broaden its availability and appeal to the general public."

Mike Tyson, who was on hand for his bitcoin ATM debut, said,

"I'm honored to join the bitcoin revolution with my very first bitcoin ATM."

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About Bitcoin Direct, LLC

Conexus Corporation (OTC PINK: CNXS) subsidiary, Bitcoin Direct LLC, a Nevada limited liability company, provides bitcoin transaction solutions for the consumer. Bitcoin Direct's initial focus is to operate and service its bitcoin ATMs (automated bitcoin machines) in multiple locations across the U.S. Bitcoin ATMs provide consumers with the ability to instantaneously purchase bitcoin through their mobile devices. The Company plans to offer a full range of bitcoin transaction solutions to a wide variety of industries including remittance and gaming, among others.

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