Integrity Chain Launches Public Proof Blockchain Service for Everyone

Integrity Chain Launches Public Proof Blockchain Service for Everyone

New IC-­STAMP content integrity service is free for moderate usage.

Integrity Chain today announced the launch of its IC­-STAMP service, a leading-edge application of blockchain technology for the general public. The free service delivers public proof for the time and contents of private files by embedding their unique cryptographic fingerprint in the blockchain. By using only a browser and email, users no longer face the barriers of specialized knowledge, complex tools or obscure cryptocurrencies. Tampering with the past is now history.

“Blockchain technology has enormous potential as a public ledger, partly by providing an unalterable ‘arrow of time’ which we utilize to establish integrity,” said Eric Schorn, Co-­Founder of Integrity Chain.

“However, broad adoption is severely limited by the large amount of complexity involved. Our vision is that of simplification and thus usability for a mainstream audience.”

“Services like IC­-STAMP that leverage blockchain approaches offer several advantages -­ cost, simplicity and flexibility among them -­ compared to legacy and proprietary offerings for content security and integrity. Their adoption is set to accelerate,” commented Peter Harris, Principal at Lighthouse Partners, a consulting firm that focuses on business applications of blockchain and other disruptive technologies.

Integrity Chain’s IC-­STAMP service can be used to affirm ownership of intellectual property  and creations, demonstrate the absence of tampering and seal private agreements.  A wide variety of eCommerce, legal and regulatory business applications can benefit from unalterable and irrevocable evidence of integrity.  Because the original file never leaves the user’s computer, the service offers intriguing new capabilities involving both transparency and privacy. Users are able to independently establish file integrity across time using public, non-proprietary tools and referencing a simple certificate received via email. Moderate­-volume usage is completely free and without commitment.

About Integrity Chain

Integrity Chain is an Austin, TX startup focused on bringing the benefits of blockchain technology to individuals and general business users. IC-STAMP is the first service launched by the company with the primary objectives of raw simplicity, usability and availability. It will be followed up with additional services involving email management, authentication storage and device management for the internet of things.

Integrity Chain:

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