Bitalo Launches Multi-Service Bitcoin Platform

Bitalo Launches Multi-Service Bitcoin Platform

User-side encrypted multi-signature hierarchical deterministic (HD) wallets make the new platform Bitalo so secure that not even administrators can ever touch user funds.

Thanks to a backup transaction users can even get the bitcoins out when the website is completely offline and the whole database is lost.

This is the basis for Bitalo's new fully integrated multi-service platform.

While big banks and regulators tend to focus on blockchain technology and bitcoin as payment method and show their complete misunderstanding of the purpose of Bitcoin, Bitalo launches a new platform that does the opposite: try to focus on Bitcoin for the use as real currency.

As of 1.1.2016 Bitalo launched the second generation of the website and released a fully integrated platform:

·  Wallet: store bitcoins securely as never before
·  Exchange: trade bitcoins on a decentralized exchange
·  Marketplace: sell goods and products for bitcoins
·  Services: offer any kind of service for bitcoins
·  Travel: Rent a place or rent out your place for bitcoins
·  Predictions: Earn bitcoins by predicting the bitcoin price via social intelligence.

Finally bitcoin can be used as real currency and practically everybody can now bring any kind of service or product to the bitcoin community, be it a private haircut for your neighbour or sell your self-made hats, at Bitalo you can create an offer in less than 1 minute.

Users do not need to worry at all about the bitcoin handling, everything goes via multi-signature escrow directly into the highly secure Bitalo wallet where only you have access, even when the website goes completely offline.

In this context Bitalo provides:

The safest possible trading environment  Bitalo has implemented multi-signature HD wallet with backup transactions. Bitalo is not able to touch users’ funds or bitcoins unless explicitly agreed upon a dispute resolution.

Secure and fully encrypted communication channels  Bitalo includes social network elements that allow communication between users in a fully encrypted environment where not even the site administrators can read the communication.

Arbitration and Dispute Resolution  Bitalo provides full dispute resolution in case of a dispute between users: Bitalo can only access funds with explicit consent of either seller or buyer.

Bitalo AG is a small self-funded stock corporation located in Germany, run by Fabio Bossi and Pawel Makulski with the financial support of main investor Martin Albert.


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