Bitcoin Exchange UkrCash Has Over 10 Years Experience In The Electronic Currency Industry

Bitcoin Exchange UkrCash Has Over 10 Years Experience In The Electronic Currency Industry

One of the world's leading e-currency exchangers has been offering cutting-edge financial services since 2005. UkrCash allow clients to withdraw Bitcoin to Visa and MasterCard, via Western Union or by Wire transfer., a certified partner of Perfect Money and OKPAY, has been offering high-quality cryptocurrency and electronic currency exchange services worldwide since 2005. The Company provides a wide range of sought-after services like withdrawals of Bitcoin to Visa and MasterCard, direct withdrawal of Bitcoin via Western Union and Wire transfer withdrawal and deposit.

UkrCash works with a great number of cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin and Litecoin, and payment platforms like PerfectMoney. The most used service on the exchange is withdrawal of Bitcoin to Visa and Mastercard; a type of cryptocurrency withdrawal that holds several advantages. Firstly, every holder of Visa and MasterCard issued by any international bank can use it.

It takes four to six days for the funds to be transferred to the recipient’s bank card. Secondly, it is available for all the bank cards except for pre-paid cards. provides the possibility to withdraw USD and EURO separately to the corresponding cards. Moreover, clients can withdraw their funds in any needed currency as money will be converted at the exchange rate of the recipient’s bank. also offer clients to exchange Bitcoin anonymously via Western Union. The major advantage of the given method is the money transfer speed and the client doesn’t need to register or provide any documents. The inquiry is usually processed within a day, most often within 3-4 hours. As a result, the client obtains cash quickly and directly as there is no need of waiting for the money to be transferred to one’s bank card.

The third most popular method of Bitcoin withdrawal is wire transfer. This method gives the users the opportunity to withdraw Bitcoin and obtain money to their bank account as well as to make payments and buy Bitcoin. In this case the client is required to verify his account by providing an ID or the company’s official documents. There is a long period of transaction fulfillment of wire transfers of up to seven days or more.

Clients of enjoy the advantages of cooperating with a reliable partner which provides a wide range of high quality services in the field of cryptocurrency exchange, information and technical support as well as transparent and custom-made conditions of transaction fulfillment. UkrCash are always open for mutually beneficial cooperation which is why they have developed a partnership program aimed at cooperations with other service providers.


Cryptocurrency exchange service provider UkrCash offers a wide range of services made to fit the needs of novice and experienced cryptocurrency enthusiasts and professionals worldwide; a true contributor to the ever growing Bitcoin ecosystem.

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