CoinsBank Launches Universal Crypto Solution at Money2020 Europe

CoinsBank Launches Universal Crypto Solution at Money2020 Europe

CoinsBank, the official sponsor of Money2020 Europe announces the launch of its Universal Crypto Solution at the event focused on next generation blockchain solutions including CoinsBank Wallet, Card, Merchant Tools, Exchange, Charts and Mobile App.

The leading blockchain and cryptocurrency solutions provider, CoinsBank is creating a confluence of both traditional and cryptocurrency ecosystems with its latest Universal Crypto Solution at Money2020 Europe starting 4th of April. The four-day event will witness a series of announcements from CoinsBank.

The announcements during Money2020 Europe will include CoinsBank Wallet, Card, Merchant Tools, Exchange, Charts and Mobile App. These products will help CoinsBank provide an all-in-one gateway for blockchain services. CoinsBank is offering a special gift box to all Money2020 Europe attendees. Each gift box includes one CoinsBank debit card with activation instructions, a special gift certificate worth 0.1BTC which can be used to purchase refreshments inside the venue, a pen that also works as a stylus for touch devices, a special debit card holder and an invitation with discount code for the CoinsBank Blockchain Summit scheduled for October.

The Edinburgh, UK based company is involved in the development of next generation fintech solutions over blockchain, surpassing Bitcoin. CoinsBank is interested in blockchain based solutions for simple money transfer, global remittance, crowdfunding and peer-to-peer securities trading.

“It is the blockchain, the shared ledger that will power the next generation of fintech solutions. the technology enables anyone to store and transmit information of any kind, directly and trustless-ly between individuals”, says Ronny Boesing.

According to Ronny Boesing, the newly appointed CEO of CoinsBank, the true significance of bitcoin is not limited to simple, fast and low-cost money transfer. He views blockchain as a technology that can weed out corruption, middlemen, and other unexpected fees from transactions.

The company has a bold and positive outlook towards the future of blockchain. Boesing refers to it as the technology of the next hundred years. CoinsBank’s intention is to introduce the not so familiar decentralized model into mainstream finance to increase its acceptance while providing better value to the people.

About CoinsBank

CoinsBank is a universal crypto-solution which provides services across the full range of blockchain services, from a secure wallet, fiat money gateways, and cash cards to trading exchanges, charts, and merchant tools – all accessible from a dedicated mobile app. CoinsBank is being announced at Money20/20 Europe, the world’s largest Fintech event, for which it is an official sponsor.

List of CoinsBank Products and Services

CoinsBank wallet – A multicurrency wallet for use across all CoinsBank services. It supports deposit and withdrawal of a wide range of fiat and cryptocurrencies around the clock. The currencies can be converted to different denominations inside the wallet and transferred immediately.

User funds on CoinsBank wallet are stored in cold wallets and they are completely backed by reserves.

CoinsBank Card – These cash cards allow users to access their funds in CoinsBank accounts. These cash cards can be used to withdraw money from almost any ATM across the world. In order to ensure faster and flawless transactions, the company has forged strategic partnerships with many international banks and financial institutions. All transactions with CoinsBank cards across the world will be settled in real time in the respective local currency. CoinsBank cards also offer rewards points for expenses made on it.

CoinsBank Merchant Tool – CoinsBank offers APIs for developers to integrate the company’s services into their products. The Merchant Tool can be used for receiving payments in any of the platform supported currencies.

CoinsBank Exchange – Designed for both beginners and professional traders, the CoinsBank exchange is a licensed exchange with features that enable higher gains. It offers convenient order management and real-time exchange data to help traders make better decisions. Users can trade cryptocurrencies and forex on CoinsBank exchange.

CoinsBank Charts – The charts offer up-to-date market information from over 12 exchanges in 12 different countries. The market information is available round the clock. Users can set alerts to track market changes and make use of a variety of analysis tools to study the charts.

CoinsBank Mobile – The mobile application is designed to allow users to control all of their CoinsBank accounts from one place. The application can be used to manage cards, make payments, convert funds and receive updates about the market.

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