Lisk Is All Set for Launch on May 24, Offers More Details on the $6,000,000 ICO

Lisk Is All Set for Launch on May 24, Offers More Details on the $6,000,000 ICO

Lisk is prepared for its official launch on the 24th of this month following its successful ICO earlier this year.

After about 5 months of ceaseless development, fundraising and community building activities, Lisk is finally ready to be officially launched on May 24, 2016.

Following a successful month-long ICO held between February 22, 2016 and March 21, 2016, where Lisk raised over $6,000,000 in Bitcoin and other digital currencies is currently in the process of giving final touches to the platform in anticipation for the impending launch. The exchange rate during the ICO was 0.0001821238671 BTC/LSK.

The open source blockchain application platform is one of the kind that allows developers to create their own applications on dedicated sidechains. The full stack blockchain based application development platform offers tools that enable the developers to create an array of blockchain apps using the most widely used programming language, JavaScript.

The platform is barely 6 months old and yet, Lisk has partnered with the likes of Microsoft and Chain of Things to offer world class support to developers using the platform.

Lisk presents developers with endless possibilities when it comes to the development of blockchain apps. The apps built over the Lisk platform on a heavily customizable, dedicated sidechain can be hosted on any cloud platform by creating a Blockchain as a Service (BaaS) Virtual Private Server (VPS). The multiplatform support offered by Lisk makes it ideal for powering the Internet of Things (IoT) devices using inexpensive Raspberry Pi or Odroid.

Lisk is actively involved in building an international community with ambassadors representing and actively promoting Lisk in 11 countries at the moment. The platform has also hired the services of Michael Terpin’s Transform PR to handle the public relations. Transform PR is already known for offering its PR services to over 40 clients in the cryptocurrency industry including the likes of Augur, Counterparty, Dash, Factom, MaidSafe, and others. The platform expects to onboard more developers soon after the official main network launch.

Developers can access Lisk documentation here:

Those interested in working with Lisk can apply for the current openings here:

About Lisk

Started earlier this year, Lisk is a decentralized start-up, founded by two former Crypti team members Max Kordek and Oliver Beddows. Lisk is an open source platform built on an unreleased version of Crypti. Lisk is positioned as an alternative to Ethereum platform and allows developers to create blockchain-based applications easily using JavaScript and publicly available Lisk APIs. Lisk is currently a team of 5 along with Boris Povod and Alex Hellinger as advisers.

For more information, please visit:

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