BizWebs Brings a New Payment Option to Small and Medium Sized Retailers

BizWebs Brings a New Payment Option to Small and Medium Sized Retailers

Today, BizWebs has announced that they are launching a new payment option for its successful low-cost website builder. The virtual money Bitcoin allows more than 4500 + BizWebs’ merchants to improve their online stores in a variety of ways and to save hundreds of dollars., a free cloud-based web development platform, sets new market standards for online payment that provides users with extra experience. Bitcoins integration is available through BitPay and can be used alongside other payment methods, like PayPal. BizWebs believes that the new technology will increase the profit of the merchants using BizWebs platform.

“Merchants typically accept Bitcoins because the transaction fee is only 0 to 1 percent. Related expenses are lower than the typical 2 to 5 percent credit card transaction fees,“ said Peter Polakovic, Co-Founder, CEO of BizWebs. “Another advantage of using Bitcoin payment is the speed and the privacy. Once the transaction is sent via the Bitcoin network, it reaches the receiver and is typically settled within a few minutes after the confirmation. Bitcoins also ensure privacy, unlike traditional currency systems where third parties potentially have access to the personal financial data.”

Bitcoin is Trending. It is a Digital Currency For People.

Bitcoin is new and completely based on technology. This fact may deter small businesses from using it. On the other hand, it may help 4500 small BizWebs businesses to stand out from the crowd in a competitive market.

With more than 12 year’s experience in online business, BizWebs brings a new payment option that helps small and medium-sized retailers to discover the bright side of Bitcoins.

How to Make Online Stores Accept Bitcoin

“With this new payment option, BizWebs is redefining how online business works,” said Peter. “The charm of the Bitcoin payment is that anyone can accept it today and it’s completely free. No permission nor bank agreement is needed to start an online store with the use of the Bitcoin payment method.”

BizWebs, an online store builder, started to accept Bitcoins in July 2016. Since then, all BizWebs users have been able to use Bitcoin payments in their store with zero cost.

According to BizWebs, small business owners who have decided to start an online store say the use of Bitcoins is too complicated. They are scared of many aspects of the cryptocurrency. “That is the reason why BizWebs decided to speed up the process. We want to make it more transparent and easier to understand. The integration with BizWebs takes only few clicks, it is as quick as making a cup of your favourite coffee.” said Peter Polakovic, Co-Founder, CEO of BizWebs.

Bitcoin, a digital currency introduced to the world in 2008, is not just for techies and IT specialists. This virtual money is for everyone; the question is “Will Bitcoin enhance businesses in 2016?”

BizWebs is a free online store builder and a website maker that currently powers over 4 500 active websites around the world using the experience they have acquired over more than 12 years. New packages with e-commerce features included are available today at $0 per month.

For more information and a cheap online store, visit BizWebs at:

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