Diginomics Announces Affiliate Marketing Program

Diginomics Announces Affiliate Marketing Program

Diginomics has announced the initial stages of their affiliate marketing program for established publications and professionals in the cryptocurrency industry.

The affiliate program allows partners to promote digital currency courses offered by the company and receive monthly payouts directly in bitcoin.

The details of the program are as follows:

- Affiliates earn 50% commission on each sale.
- Payouts are made automatically in bitcoin on the 1st of each month.
- Affiliates must meet monthly sales quotas and demonstrate willingness to form mutually-beneficial partnerships.

As an emerging industry leader, Diginomics is capable of offering a high commission to affiliate partners on their educational courses due to minimal overhead and shipping requirements enabled by informational products.

The affiliate program offers a user dashboard where partners can view performance reports and take advantage of product creatives.

Travis Patron, the founder of Diginomics and noted author of The Bitcoin Revolution: An Internet of Money, had this to say on the affiliate program:

"The digital currency industry continues to experience growth at a tremendous rate and our affiliate program allows partners to share in the success of our products.

At the same time, we are creating opportunities for professionals to establish themselves in this industry, and it all starts with the necessary educational resources.”

The current roster of eligible affiliate products includes the Bitcoin Economics Course, Ethereum Programming Course, and Cryptocurrency Trading Course.

View the full list of affiliate products at Diginomics Courses.

Application Requirements

Affiliate partners must meet certain requirements to be eligible:

- Must have a publication in, or adjacent to, the digital currency industry
- Must have an active following with said publication
- Must assign an affiliate manager to correspond with Diginomics on a regular basis regarding promotions, new content offers, and sales performance

Please send affiliate applications to [email protected] or visit https://diginomics.com/affiliates/.

About Diginomics

Diginomics focuses on the economic implications of a totally digitized money supply. Economic analysis on privatized money creation challenging the role of regulators, central banking institutions, and national government's ability to conduct fiscal and monetary policy is also a primary focus.

Diginomics: https://diginomics.com/affiliates/

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