HitBTC trading platform adds support for Emercoin

HitBTC trading platform adds support for Emercoin

HitBTC cryptocurrency exchange adds support for Emercoin (EMC), opening EMC to BTC exchange market. EMC/EUR pair will also be listed soon.

On September 9, 2016, HitBTC cryptocurrency exchange adds support for Emercoin (EMC), opening EMC to BTC exchange market. EMC/EUR pair will also be listed soon.

Emercoin is a digital currency, launched in late 2013. However, EMC cryptocurrency is just a part of a bigger idea. Emercoin is a blockchain platform that provides different blockchain services, including an alternative domain name system, a distributed torrent tracker and a number of other applications. During the last years, the price of the coin has significantly increased, and now stays around $0.4 per one EMC, with the total market cap of ~$16,000,000.

Paul Clarkson, product manager at HitBTC, states,

“Emercoin’s consistency is the reason for its success. A very few blockchain projects can boast of both a developed range of products, and a well-organized financial ecosystem. But Emercoin has both, and HitBTC is proud to support the technology, opening EUR and BTC exchange markets for Emercoin.”

Remarkably, Emercoin is already integrating its technology into a number of businesses, including a watch factory and a farm. However, the Emercoin team don’t use their achievements to get publicity. Clarkson continues, “Personally, I can’t believe Emercoin took such important steps so silently. They actually reached a huge milestone in the cryptocurrency realm, but it went almost unnoticed. Emercoin’s listing was part of our roadmap anyway, but when we found out the technology had been implemented in real economic conditions, we made it #1 for listing on HitBTC.”

Emercoin seems to be the first digital coin to pass the proof-of-concept stage and enter the economic environment. Now its further success depends on the business scalability, proper support from the community, and the overall industry. “Emercoin has a decent market cap, but having entered the real economy, even locally, it deserves a much higher rate. We believe that Emercoin has a potential to reach a billion dollar market cap. Therefore, having it listed on our exchange is a must”, says Clarkson.

About HitBTC

HitBTC is one of the leading cryptocurrency exchanges, providing trading services for individual traders since 2013. The HitBTC trading platform is known for its advanced matching engine, multi-currency support and friendly customer service. Besides trading between cryptocurrencies, HitBTC provides proper markets for exchanging cryptocurrencies for fiat currencies, namely USD and EUR.

The innovative and technological nature of HitBTC is expressed in a stable dependable API, which satisfies the needs of algorithmic traders. Moreover, HitBTC provides support for FIX protocol through FIX trading and FIX Market data end-points.

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