World’s First eSports Cryptocurrency ‘eBoost’ Sees Crowdfunding on Bittrex

World’s First eSports Cryptocurrency ‘eBoost’ Sees Crowdfunding on Bittrex

Mockit, the popular eSports site which has received more than five million replays on’s, is the platform to unveil eBoost, the world’s first cryptocurrency to be used in the eSports field. Its crowdfunding is currently underway. Created and issued by the International eBoost Society, the new eBoost token is a piece of software that will be used as an in-game cryptocurrency to facilitate wagering in player-to-player eSports games such as chess or ping pong. Less-restricted among borders than traditional payment systems like MasterCard and Visa, though each site may put....

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Gaming-specific cryptocurrency eBoost has raised over 200 bitcoins in its October crowdsale, worth around $140,000 USD at press time. Designed to be an in-game token for game integration, eBoost advertises itself as the first digital currency geared towards competitive eSports. A Successful eBoost ICO. “EBoost’s successful crowdsale is a testament to the fact the eSports and cryptocurrencies are a natural fit,” eBoost co-founder Marshall long said in a press release. After its successful ICO on the Bittrex cryptocurrency exchange, the team told press that the token should become available....

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