Bank Structuring and Resolvability

Bank Structuring and Resolvability

The 2nd Annual Bank Structuring and Resolvability Conference will be held on 20th to 21st of February in London, UK

After the financial crisis regulatory authorities stepped in by developing controls and legislation to mitigate the chances of future bank bailouts. Recent regulatory standards focus on the structure of banks in order to make them more robust and reduce risk of colossal failure. These standards have pushed banks to restructure entities, assets and put in place recovery and resolution plans that help prepare for worst case scenarios.

The 2nd Annual Bank Structuring and Resolvability Conference will be held on 20th to 21st of February in London, UK and will give practical insights into how banks should implement regulations with examples on how other banks have organized their units. The conference will also provide insight from regulators on the practicalities of implementing the required structures as well as how it will all works in practice during resolution.

By attending this conference attendees will be able to be part of more than 14 hours of focused end-user driven case studies and interactive panel discussions and workshops. In addition, delegates will have the opportunity to network with senior level executives.

Learn from Key Practical Case Studies from:

• Banque De France viewing the E.U. as a single jurisdiction for the implementation of (internal) TLAC in banks.
• Nordea restructuring your bank in the post financial crisis regulatory environment.
• Barclays asses crisis management plans through new and innovative ways such as Wargaming.
• Credit Suisse creating an effective living-will to ensure bank failure doesn’t lead to a collapse.

For more information about this event, please contact Yiota Andreou at [email protected]/ or visit the event website:

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