Bitcoin Is Empowering Marginalized Communities In Peru

Bitcoin Is Empowering Marginalized Communities In Peru

A non-profit project is establishing micro Bitcoin economies in villages in Peru to grant financial opportunity to unbanked communities.What started as a simple, one-time $3,000 effort to buy shoes and socks for Peruvian children facing high mortality rates quickly grew into a full-scale effort focused on enabling financial empowerment through Bitcoin.After a visit to Bitcoin Beach, the non-profit initiative that strives to bring financial inclusion to the coastal city of El Zonte in El Salvador through bitcoin circular economies, Rich Swisher, co-founder and president of non-profit global....

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Motiv Inc. Launches 16 Circular Bitcoin Economies In Peru

The NGO announced 16 circular bitcoin economies are operational In Peru after establishing educational material empowering the financially excluded communities.

Bitcoin NGO Motiv Launches Life Saving Programs For Financial Inclusion In Peru

Motiv provided its list of programs which help underdeveloped communities transact in bitcoin, learn job skills and build companies.

Cryptocurrency Draft Law Presented in Peru

A draft of a new cryptocurrency asset law was introduced in Peru in December, seeking to regulate the cryptocurrency interactions that are already happening in the country. The draft law, besides defining what a crypto asset is and establishing the duties of virtual asset service providers (VASPs), also seeks to legalize the use of assets to incorporate and be held by companies. Peru Launches First Cryptocurrency Regulation Attempt A new piece of draft legislation called “Cryptoasset Marketing Framework” has been introduced in the Peruvian Congress under the number....

Bitcoin Adoption Picks up Steam in Peru After Presidential Ballot

Peru, a country not commonly associated with bitcoin or cryptocurrencies, is experiencing a sizable surge in digital currency adoption following the first round of its presidential ballot process. The presidential candidate with the most vote support, Pedro Castillo, is known for his interventionist policies, so Peruvians might be preparing for what could be considered an economic downturn. Peruvian Cryptocurrency Trading Volumes Ramp Up The volumes of cryptocurrency traded in Peru have experienced significant growth during the week of the first phase of the presidential ballot, according....

Peru is studying crypto exchanges to figure out future laws

The pandemic is not stopping Peru's lawmakers from testing ways of regulating the crypto industry. A Peruvian regulator authority said on October 26 that studies currently performed on local crypto exchanges will keep on going despite the COVID-19 pandemic, as the country is looking to find ways to regulate the national crypto industry.According to local news outlet Gestion, Superintendent of the Financial Intelligence Unit of Peru (UIF) Sergio Espinosa pointed out the need to work out the policy behind cryptocurrencies in the country. Espinosa called it a “priority”:“One of the topics....