Hut 8 Maintains HODL Strategy, Adds 330 BTC To Treasury In July

Hut 8 Maintains HODL Strategy, Adds 330 BTC To Treasury In July

Hut 8 added 330 BTC to its balance sheet in July as it continues to hold 100% of the bitcoin it mines, while most public miners capitulate.Hut 8 Mining produced an additional 330 BTC in the month of July.By the end of the month, the company was operating at 2.9 EH/s and continues to receive monthly shipments of additional miners.The miner currently holds 7,736 BTC on its balance sheet and continues to HODL. Hut 8 Mining Corp. released its bitcoin mining and production update for July showcasing its continued long-term HODL strategy by increasing bitcoin holdings by 330 BTC – valued at....

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