Bitcoin to the Moon? 300% Growth Predicted By This Latest Crypto Analysis

Bitcoin to the Moon? 300% Growth Predicted By This Latest Crypto Analysis

Bitcoin is preparing itself for a substantial bull run in the years ahead. One of the latest price trend models predicts significant gains by late 2025 from an analysis rooted in ‘power law,’ a statistical method that has historically proven to be a solid support band for Bitcoin’s value. Revisiting the theory, an engineer named Apsk32 on X has shared an update on Bitcoin price action. Based on his analysis, despite a notable 25% price drop from March’s peak, the potential for a substantial rally looms, anticipating up to 300% gains by the end of 2025. The optimism is....

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Astro Crypto: Bitcoin, The Total Eclipse, And The Super Flower Blood Moon

Today is a rare full moon called the Super Flower Moon that also happens to coincide with a total lunar eclipse that gives the moon a crimson color. For the most part, this should have no impact on Bitcoin, however, after seeing a moon phase chart its impossible not to notice at least some correlation […]

Bitcoin Price View & Trading Update: Increased Long Position

My working chart, showing Bitcoin price candles, grey volume bars, fractal highs(^) and lows(v), trendlines, support / resistance levels, Fibonacci retracement levels, MACD indicator and Moon Phases. I've discussed the use of all the indicators and line studies on my chart in previous articles, particularly this one. The only new addition this time is Moon Phases - note the two white full moons and two blue new moons in close proximity to price. Moon Phases show the extremes of the moon's waxing / waning cycle. I've included them as these lunar periods marked the last three significant....

Redditor memes his way to $25K in Bitcoin profits

This is the story of a Redditor’s roundabout way of making a hefty Bitcoin profit. A Reddit user by the name of "u/Cryptorich13" has capitalized on the social media platform’s crypto reward system by converting his stash of free coins into Bitcoin (BTC). In a Sunday post, u/Cryptorich13 explained how he converted his 80,000 Moon reward into Bitcoin earlier this year. The value of his holdings has ballooned following the latest Bitcoin price pump. He said:“I shitposted a lot in 2017. I was awarded 80k reddit moons earlier this year which I sold on the rinkeby testnet using XDai and....

Astro Crypto: Bitcoin And The Full Pink Moon In Scorpio

After a short stint below $50,000, Bitcoin price is back on its way higher, already reclaiming as high as $53,000 and then some. Also tonight, there is a rare full “pink” moon in Scorpio – signaling powerful change in process currently and possibly ahead. Whether you believe in the impact of astrology or not, the moon […]

DOGE To The Moon: Dogecoin Beats Out Cardano And XRP In This Major Metric

Dogecoin (DOGE) has come out on top over Cardano and XRP following a recent development highlighting each token’s growth. This could reflect positively on the meme coin’s price soon enough, given how much crypto users look to be invested in the crypto token.   Dogecoin Experiences The Second-Largest Network Growth Data from the market intelligence platform […]