Bitcoin Is Primed to Correct to $10,700 Before Its Next Leg Higher

Bitcoin Is Primed to Correct to $10,700 Before Its Next Leg Higher

Bitcoin has rallied strongly over the past few weeks. The leading cryptocurrency surged from $10,400 to $11,750. The coin now trades for $11,400 after a slight correction as buying pressure tapered off. Bitcoin is primed to move lower in the near term as it aims to set up another leg to this ongoing rally, analysts say. Crypto analysts think this is the case, along with analysts at JP Morgan. Bitcoin Primed to Move Lower Prior […]

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Bitcoin Price Surges Above $400

A base for advance, with only two subwaves, formed during the past few days and primed bitcoin price for a launch higher. The concatenated base took us by surprise and getting into the advance – after the fact – posed some risk. However, a strong surge toward the 4hr 200MA (red) continues relentlessly and soon had us in profit. Anyone not in the current trend should wait for price to correct at curent levels (~$410-$420 Bitfinex). If trend will continue toward the 4-hour 200MA (red) in the coming days, then a push above $420 will be the que. The 4-hour 200MA is currently at $430 – a $10....

Ethereum is Primed to Shoot Towards $400 as Market Support Is Strong

Ethereum and Bitcoin have seen mixed performance over the past few days. There was an attempted breakout a few days ago, but that failed due to weakness in legacy markets. ETH is up 0.8% in the past 24 hours, slightly outperforming Bitcoin. Ethereum is primed to move higher in the coming week or two due to on-chain and technical support, one analyst says. This rally would be in line with the introduction of the ETH2 […]

Eerie Nasdaq Fractal Predicts Bitcoin Is About to See Its Next Leg Higher

Bitcoin has stagnated after topping out in August at $12,500. The leading cryptocurrency currently trades in the middle of the medium-term range at $11,400. While some think that this price action is clearly the coin nearing a top, an analyst thinks that the cryptocurrency is primed to erupt higher. This analyst cited a fractal of the Nasdaq in the 2008 bear market. This analyst is one that has shared accurate fractals in the past, predicting […]

These 3 Trends Show Bitcoin Is Primed to See a Strong Breakout

Bitcoin is expected to soon see a strong breakout as the price action of the cryptocurrency tightens after the news that the U.S. CFTC is charging BitMEX. Related Reading: Ethereum Transaction Fees Surge to All-Time Highs After Uniswap Launch Bitcoin Primed to Break Out, Technical Trends Show Bitcoin’s price action has undergone extreme tightening over […]

Ethereum Price Technical Analysis – Buy Target Hit, Now What?

Ethereum price traded further higher yesterday, and reached my final target of $10.40. Now can it correct and trade higher once again? Key Highlights. Ethereum price continued to move higher vs the US Dollar and reached my final target of $10.40. There is now a bullish trend line formed on the hourly chart (data feed via Kraken) of ETH/USD, which may act as a support if the price moves down. The price has already started correcting lower, and it would be interesting to see how far it can go. Ethereum Price Trend Line Support. Ethereum price ETH after settling above the $10.00 resistance....