Fun NFT Art Project Degenasaurs is Live


Press Release: Fun NFT art project Degenasaurs drop starts now, and twitter competition to win animated REKT NFT is open to all.

Degenasaurs is a fun art project and experiment made from pure love for art, crypto, and NFTs. Even before the collection was put up for sale fans started making offers, and number #001 sold before the first drop went public.

As Degenasaur said in an interview:

Degenasaur is fun art project. All Degenasaur have different raaaarities, with some being ultra raaaaar. Only 128 Degenasaur arrive here need friends!

All Degenasaurs have different metadata and attributes. There are 7 legendary animated backgrounds and one Degenasaur was created by an AI that was trained using all the other images as its dataset.

The other 127 NFTs were randomly created off-chain with a variety of software tools from hand crafted pixel elements, before being summoned as unique ERC 1155 tokens on the Ethereum blockchain.

Degenasaurs will continue dropping over the coming weeks, and there are plans to possibly reward all Degenasaur holders with special rewards in future.

Degenasaur hopes your new dino friends bring you as much joy as they do to us.

Visit the Degenasaur website:

Enter the twitter competition to win Legendary REK NFT:

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Join the Discord:

See Degenasaurs on Opensea:

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