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Bitcoin Press Release: Publicly-listed Scandinavian discount crypto exchange CPH Crypto launches its mobile trader apps, now available on Google Play/Android and App Store/iOS platforms.


4th January 2021, Copenhagen – Just a couple of weeks ago deep-discount CPH Crypto, a leading Scandinavian crypto exchange, announced margin trading 10x on crypto spot as its latest service. The company is proud to announce that traders can now onboard as clients and conduct all trading activities via CPH Crypto’s new mobile Trader App now available as Android and iOS platforms.  


CPH Crypto Trader APP for Flexible Trading  

The new trader app enables clients to start trading after just a couple of minutes of registration and onboarding. The CPH Crypto Trader App allows users to trade all the most popular cryptocurrencies and pairs, swiftly deposit, transfer, and withdraw bitcoin and USD anytime.

CPH Crypto’s CEO, Jan Andersen describes the recent progress, stating: 


“We have come a long way in only a few months since the launch of CPH Crypto webtrader in September. Margin trading on crypto spot was successfully launched just recently, and now our apps are ready. We know that this is extremely important for our clients because it offers them total trading flexibility. They can do everything on the smartphone and use the mobile trading apps like their usual desktop trading.” 


Unlimited Trading For Just 39 USD/Month

According to CPH Crypto’s philosophy, traders should only have to focus on their strategy and not on the costs when they trade. That is why CPH Crypto goes against the trend of high trading fees on the crypto market and offers a deep-discount fixed fee of only 39 USD/month for unlimited trading. Or a commission of only 0.04 pct. per transaction for single trading.

CEO Jan Andersen explains:   

In the traditional stock and FX trading market competition has driven down fees to a low  level over the last decade. The same needs to happen in the crypto space, but we want it to go faster, and that’s why we launched our discount concept in September.”  


Dominant Trading Platforms Up to 13X More Expensive 

Recent calculations clearly document that some of the biggest crypto trading platforms are as much as 13 times more expensive for active crypto traders to use than CPH Crypto. To obtain a complete view of a particular broker’s or exchange’s trading fees, individuals need to take both commissions and spread into consideration. Traders tend to forget the impact of the spread on the total costs, even though the spread is often where the most significant part of the total fees is hidden, especially when trading on so-called commission-free brokers or exchanges.  


Typically these brokers/exchanges tend to compensate for the lack of fee on commission by heavily increasing the spread – the difference between the bid price and the sales price – enabling them to earn their margin on the spread instead. On top of this, traders should not forget that high fees on money management – like deposits and withdrawal – is also added to the total costs.


Unique Crypto Deposit Insurance 

Jan Andersen underlines that CPH Crypto offers the same services and features as the leading international trading platforms, stating:

“We offer margin trading 10x on crypto spot, deep streaming institutional level of liquidity and market depts, realtime quotes, tight spreads and genuine best execution standards. And from today our mobile apps are available too,” 

Jan continues: 


In addition to all this, CPH Crypto offers exceptionally low fees; and another unique feature is our crypto deposit insurance, which together with the low fees makes CHP Crypto a truly unique player on the crypto trading market.” 


What the insurance does is to guarantee all the clients’ deposits in cryptocurrencies, which means, for instance, that in the unlikely case of a hack of the trading platform, all the clients’ deposits in cryptocurrencies will be insured. To prove the extreme differences in fees between CPH Crypto discount exchange and four globally dominant trading platforms, CPH Crypto has conducted a line of price comparison based on concrete examples.  

Anyone can download the CPH Crypto Trader App now on Google Play or iOS and take advantage of some of the lowest fees in the industry. 


To Learn more visit the CPH Crypto –  www.cphcrypto.com

Follow CPH Crypto on Twitterhttps://twitter.com/cph_crypto

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