Why The Next Bitcoin Bear Market May Only Last Months

Why The Next Bitcoin Bear Market May Only Last Months

Bitcoin is still struggling to get back above $60,000, and is sinking lower with each passing day. Another defense at $50,000 might be near, and if bulls cannot support the key level another time, a bear market could follow. According to the momentum of past market cycles, the next bear phase could be a walk […]

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For experienced investors, a bear market is nothing out of the norm. It has happened in the past, and it will happen again — even in cryptocurrency. The majority of new investors are in the middle of their first crypto winter, during which most digital assets have depreciated by more than 70% from their November 2021 highs. While a bear market is tough for everyone, it can be especially challenging for those who are new to the space and don’t have much experience dealing with market volatility.That said, there are still opportunities to earn passive income during a bear market — crypto....

Market correction vs. bear market: Key differences explained

Market corrections and bear markets both involve price declines, but knowing how to differentiate between the two is crucial in protecting your investment portfolio. Market correction vs. bear marketTo summarize, here are some of the key differences between the two:While corrections and bear markets can be daunting, remember they're normal occurrences within a healthy economy. Learning to differentiate between the two will allow you to navigate them better.In terms of recovery time, markets tend to recover from corrections faster—typically within a couple of months. Bear markets, however,....

Bitcoin Bear Market Comes Down To Pivotal June Close

Bitcoin price is still below $40,000, after just weeks ago trading at over $64,000 per coin. The selloff shocked market participants of all sizes, prompting fears that the bull market is now over and a bear phase is next. A trader who predicted this recent collapse months in advance using high timeframe technical analysis, now […]

When Will The Bear Market End?

A look at previous bitcoin bear market cycles shows two distinct phases of capitulation and can give insight into how much longer the bear market will last.

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The crypto economy has shed enormous value over the last three months and the leading crypto asset bitcoin is down more than 46% since it’s all-time high (ATH) at $69,044 per unit. The same can be said for a great number of digital currencies as the so-called crypto bear market has lasted 78 days so far. 78 Days Into the Current Downturn, Crypto Supporters Question How Long the Bear Market Will Last At the time of writing, a great number of crypto proponents are wondering whether or not the current crypto economy downturn is a bear market. Following a phenomenal 2021,....