SmartMetric to Launch World's First Bitcoin Card With Biometric Fingerprint Protection

SmartMetric to Launch World's First Bitcoin Card With Biometric Fingerprint Protection

SmartMetric, Inc. (OTCQB: SMME), a developer of patented biometric products, announced today it has developed and will soon launch the SmartMetric Biometric Bitcoin Card, the world's first biometric, fingerprint secured, off-line storage platform for bitcoins.

"SmartMetric's bitcoin card can significantly accelerate the growth and rate of adoption for bitcoins as the new global currency. By applying our patented biometric technologies to a bitcoin payment card, we offer the world's first fingerprint-secured method to safely store and use bitcoins," stated SmartMetric President and CEO Chaya Hendrick.

The SmartMetric Biometric Bitcoin Card uses the Company's patented biometric fingerprint technology, the world's smallest fingerprint reader. The card offers the benefits of bitcoins such as peer-to-peer transactions and card-to-card direct bitcoin sending anywhere in the world, while enabling real-time, in-person standard payment transactions at merchants and compatibility with standard ATMs around the world. Advanced patented fingerprint technology uses the cardholder's unique biometrics to lock and unlock the SmartMetric Biometric Bitcoin Card, providing safety and discrete portability.

Bitcoins are becoming more widely used around the world, driven by government non-intervention and merchant and consumer demand. In the U.S., Federal Reserve Chairman Ben Bernanke recently sent a letter to the Senate noting that bitcoin may "hold long-term promise... if the innovations promote a faster, more secure and more efficient payment system." Japan, Germany, and Singapore have also recently taken an open stance on bitcoin, choosing to keep the digital currency unregulated for the time being. 

According to there are an estimated 12 million bitcoins in circulation today. With Bitcoins trading at approximately $925 per bitcoin on January 6, 2013, there is an estimated $11 billion worth of bitcoins in circulation.

About SmartMetric

SmartMetric, Inc. (OTCQB: SMME) develops patented biometric technologies used for security and identification, including the world's smallest fingerprint reader. The Company's proprietary advanced miniature electronics technology uses sub-micro computers to create fingerprint and security applications that were not previously possible. The world's smallest fingerprint reader is designed to fit inside standard payments cards as well as ID cards. Because of the miniature size of the electronics it is ideal for use in a broad array of products requiring an enhanced identification system. SmartMetric's products include biometric credit card and biometric debit card technologies, a medical emergency biometric card, and a MedicalKeyring™.

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