Virtual Bitcoin Discounts Now Being Discussed in Chatwing Springboard

Virtual Bitcoin Discounts Now Being Discussed in Chatwing Springboard

With the premium services getting popular in many online sectors, Chatwing’s developers are now brainstorming about discounts in virtual coins. Once the discounts have been implemented, the developers expect that there will be a surge of user registrations.

Chatwing’s virtual coins are used to purchase premium services. Each virtual coin amounts to $1, and can be used as often as possible. The premium services are continuous and they can also be terminated anytime. These services are custom subheader creation, Chatwing chat software logo removal, social sharing removal, and secure socket layers. Other services include additional chatroom speed boosts and custom-designed background themes.

Chatwing’s website chat room social media integration can also be enhanced through premium services. Recently, the developers have launched a service wherein users can avail Facebook and Twitter login boosts. Enhancements of other login methods are still being discussed, yet there is a significant chance that they will be introduced throughout the year.

The virtual coins can also be used for chatroom network creation. Chatwing’s chat room app networks are best ways on how users can expand their niche knowledge. The networks can also help website owners in creating visibility for their websites. Currently, the Chatwing platform supports more than ten active chatting networks. Developers will add more networks in the coming months.

For additional updates regarding virtual coin discounts, users can just visit Chatwing’s chat app official Facebook page. Tutorials and helpful content are also available in the page.

About is a company that has brought innovation to the modern chat widget. Operating for more than five years now, Chatwing and its team of developers have dozens of ideas ready to be introduced to the public. The Chatwing chat app is an easy-to-use online tool that can help web users interact with each other and can also generate continuous traffic. Chatwing will always be a “freemium” application for everyone.

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