PointsHound Customers Can Now Earn Bitcoins for Booking Hotel Rooms

PointsHound Customers Can Now Earn Bitcoins for Booking Hotel Rooms

PointsHound a new type of online hotel booking service that enables consumers to earn an unprecedented number of frequent flier miles and loyalty rewards points, has expanded its earnable currency options to include Bitcoin.

Recognizing the growing popularity of this emerging digital currency, PointsHound is the first hotel booking service to give travelers the option to earn Bitcoin denominations for their stays at more than 150,000 hotels worldwide.

“As an aggregator of loyalty program currencies we are constantly improving our offerings based on customer demand,” said Pete Van Dorn, Co-Founder of PointsHound. “We’re excited to evaluate Bitcoin’s earning potential while we continue to add new frequent flyer programs and other loyalty program currencies.”

Bitcoin has seen a recent surge in trading volume as the number of consumer wallets and merchants accepting the currency has grown, among them Overstock.com, which is now accepting Bitcoin for items sold on the site. Bitcoins can be earned by PointsHound users around the world, with earnings being deposited directly into their virtual wallets. By selecting Bitcoin as their reward of choice and enrolling their Bitcoin wallet information to their PointsHound account, users have the potential to earn as much as .26 bitcoins for a 3-night stay in New York, for instance.

As the first online travel service to offer loyalty points earning across an aggregated set of loyalty program currencies, the inclusion of Bitcoin as a new accrual option is further innovation in the OTA market which has been slower to adopt new technologies. By offering frequent travelers 12 different types of loyalty rewards and other virtual currencies to earn for their hotel stays, in addition to exclusive hotel rates and premium concierge services, PointsHound is improving the online booking experience for frequent travelers and users across the globe.

About PointsHound

PointsHound was built specifically for frequent travelers. It’s an online hotel booking engine and virtual currency aggregator that allows members not just to earn loyalty points for staying in their favorite hotels but also to earn bonus rewards in the form of airline miles. Members of the free-to-use site have access to over 150,000 hotels worldwide, including boutique and non-chain properties.

For more information about PointsHound, please visit http://www.pointshound.com/

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