Bitcoin 2013 Conference to Be Held Coming May 17-19 in San Jose, CA, Reports ForexMinute

Bitcoin 2013 Conference to Be Held Coming May 17-19 in San Jose, CA, Reports ForexMinute

A global leader in Forex news, ForexMinute has reported that Bitcoin 2013 Conference will be held from May 17 to 19 in San Jose, CA. The event will be another notch for Bitcoins, a widely adapted digital currency. Reporting about the event, ForexMinute discloses that soaring high since its inception, Bitcoin has been riding a roller-coaster of speculations and is expected to do well.

Nonetheless, Bitcoins value has even surpassed the currency leader USD and is expected to become an accepted democratic currency around the world. Reporting about the event, ForexMinute reveals that the it will begin on Friday, May 17 with an inaugural presentation and live broadcast by Mark Edge and Ian Freeman, hosts of the famous political talk show ‘Free Talk Live’.

ForexMinute, a leading portal for Bitcoins news, also reveals that the event will be attended by several renowned financial and Forex experts from around the world that may include inter alia BTC developer Jeff Garzik, the BTC architect Gavin Andresen, Bitcoins Mines operator Cedric Dahl, Coinbase Founders Brian Armstrong and Fred Ehrsam.

The event will also see the presence of BitPay co-founder and CEO Anthony Gallippi, OpenCoin CEO and co-founder Chris Larsen, creator and lead developer for Litecoin Charles Lee, CTO for Bitpay Stephen Pair, etc. amongst others. Thus, with plethora of siminars and talks, the conference will definitely set pace for Bitcoins which is expected to become a global currency soon.

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