Max Keiser Endorses Gold, Silver and Bitcoin

Max Keiser Endorses Gold, Silver and Bitcoin

Max Keiser, the host of RT’s “Keiser Report,” has been a successful stockbroker, inventor of virtual specialist technology and co-founder of the Hollywood Stock Exchange.

With Cypriots experiencing bank holidays, the financial analyst has stated that he thinks the big question is,

“will the confiscation of money by the IMF and Germany from depositors in Cyprus end up being the trigger for military conflict? We’ve seen coups and revolutions started for less, not to mention WWI.”

He then writes,

“As always, I recommend Gold, Silver and Bitcoin as a safe haven during this turbulent time.”

Keiser is also trying to produce the first Hollywood movie ever financed using Bitcoin. He has followed Bitcoin through its monumental rise to its headline-topping $90 price. Max Keiser has also predicted $500 silver bullion.

Bitcoin has gained attention over the last months, especially as the crisis in Cyprus has erupted.

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