Bitkup: Bet Bitcoin On The Brazil World Cup 2014

Bitkup: Bet Bitcoin On The Brazil World Cup 2014

In less than two weeks, the Brazil World Cup 2014 kicks off in San Paulo with Brazil versus Croatia. For the next month, diehard fans from around the world will be following the every move of their team’s ascent through the rankings. It is only fitting that this most international of sports competitions be paired with the most international money ever created by mankind: Bitcoin. According to Alexa, 1.3% of CCN’s readers are from Brasil. I suspect that the number of CCN readers that feel strongly about one team or another in the 2014 World Cup is much higher than that, though. Today, we are thrilled to introduce Bitkup: a Bitcoin Betting platform for the Brazil World Cup 2014. Bitcoin has helped revolutionize the online gambling industry and the development of an international platform for World Cup soccerbetting was a natural next step. Bitkup users will bet on the outcome of every World Cup 2014 match and at the end of the event, the top 20 ranked Bitkup users (in terms of win rate) will divide the jackpot pool of Bitcoin.

I had the pleasure of having a short interview with one of Bitkup’s founders, Gus Fring:

How did the idea of Bitkup come about?

Brazilians are passionate about soccer and technology. We created Bitkup with the main objective of disseminating Bitcoin interest beyond enthusiasts and providing the currency to people that just want to have fun and want to try their luck with predictions for the World Cup in Brazil 2014.

There are two leagues: Bitkup FREE and Bitkup PRO, how do they work?

By registering on the website the participant automatically enters the Bitkup FREE League and can play just for fun, without betting. If you wish to compete for the real money jackpot in bitcoins just make the payment of 0.05 BTC to automatically enter the Bitkup PRO league.

The division of the jackpot will be?

The jackpot at the end of the World Cup will be divided among the participants of league Bitkup PRO:

1st Place: 50%
2nd Place: 15%
3rd Place: 13%
4th-20th Place: ~1.3%

The league will also have prizes for the Bitkup Free League. Your reward will be announced after the start of the World Cup.

How can ensure payment of premium?

We have a policy of transparency and very tight security. To ensure the transparency of all participants, each user can follow each other’s betting history from past games that have happened at that moment.

We guarantee the jackpot for the prescribed payment scheme was designed to ensure that no Bitcoin is stolen. All Bitcoins are in a public license and can be consulted anytime, proving the existence of the advertised prize.  We are working hard to ensure the integrity of the award and practically nullify the risk of theft.

Speaking of future plans: What are your plans after the World Cup? was inspired by the World Cup in Brazil that is happening June 12th through July 13th, 2014; however, we will not limit ourselves to that competition. We do have plans for the future and will possibly incorporate other international sports competitions.

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