Bitcoin And Cryptocurrency Exchange Launches Securing Cyberport Tech Incubator Seed Capital

Bitcoin And Cryptocurrency Exchange Launches Securing Cyberport Tech Incubator Seed Capital

With $530 000 HKD of matching seed capital from Asian tech incubator Cyberport: Bitspark’s recently launched Bitcoin and cryptocurrency exchange in open Beta features open source code, cryptographically verifiable audits and a commitment to transparency.

Hong Kong based Bitcoin company Bitspark Limited has announced the launch of its public Beta Bitcoin and cryptocurrency Exchange. Bitspark provides the ability for customers to trade multiple cryptocurrencies in a secure, mobile friendly and easy to use environment. Bitspark’s Exchange utilizes open source code, auditable reserves, support of many alt-coins and an intuitive API. Bitspark’s commitment to trust and transparency is underscored by their open codebase, cryptographically verifiable audits and backing of one of Asia’s largest tech incubators: the Cyberport.

Bitspark has been refining the security, user experience and features of the Bitspark Exchange platform to meet customers high expectations and the public beta will enable the start-up to rapidly scale to meet demands. As a special launch promotion Bitspark’s cryptocurrency trading platform is launching with Zero trading fees for the first month.

“With our beta launch we are offering support for six different coins, including new interesting cryptocurrencies that are trending at the moment… We’re all about providing a trustworthy and transparent company, especially in the Bitcoin space.”

“We really want to convey that we’re more than just an exchange, we’re transparent, and we offer more cryptocurrencies than the competition — and we’re going to be adding more every week,” says George Harrap, CEO of Bitspark.

Bitspark has launched a number of innovative cryptocurrency products with more under development. Along with the Bitspark Exchange, Bitspark’s Sparkpool mining platform is a profit based coin switching mining pool already available for public use. Currently, Bitspark is developing Bitcoin and cryptocurrency merchant payment gateways and remittance services. Bitspark seeks to capture the emerging cryptocurrency market in Asia particularly: leveraging their strong product suite, cutting edge transparency, and multi-faceted platform to link customers to the exciting global cryptocurrency markets with ease.

About Bitspark

Bitspark is a cryptocurrency startup based out of Cyberport, Hong Kong and was one of the top scoring startups of the August batch of 130 companies who applied for funding. Bitspark is staffed by knowledgeable veterans in Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies from a number of backgrounds – ranging from hardware and software engineering to marketing and management experience. Bitspark has a suite of innovative products targeting the cryptocurrency space and is currently developing and testing new Bitcoin and cryptocurrency services and tools.

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