Tango Card® Launches Updates to Rewards as a Service API to Scale Global Reward and Incentive Programs

Tango Card® Launches Updates to Rewards as a Service API to Scale Global Reward and Incentive Programs

Gift cards are simply amazing incentives, they are proven to have impact and drive business results. The effect is even better when automated and delivered instantly via an API. Tango Card has long had the leading e-gift card API and now it just received a major improvement.

In order to better support their customers that serve rewards and incentives to a global audience, Tango Card released v1.1 of their Rewards as a Service (RaaS®) API. This update makes changes to the catalog and ordering functions of their API, thereby supporting the delivery of high-demand global digital rewards and incentives such as e-gift cards, prepaid Visa and Mastercard products, bitcoin, and promotional products – all in local currencies and languages.

The release of v1.1 of the RaaS API comes at a time when Tango Card is continuing to grow their global reward reach. This change to the API improves service to current partners already running global programs as well as provides a simple path to integration of an international incentive program to new partners going forward.

"Because the digital rewards and incentives we send are critical to our customer's business processes we know that every reward we send not only has to work, but has to be awesome for the recipient. We have an ongoing vision and strategy to curate a global rewards and incentives catalog so that audiences outside of the US have an experience that is just as compelling as audiences in the US. This particular release is another big step to delight our customers' global audiences," said David Leeds, CEO and Founder of Tango Card.

In addition, Tango Card's own web based products, Rewards Genius and Blast Rewards, will benefit from the changes right away, improving the valuable rewards and incentives tracking for which Tango Card services are known.

"We serve our customer's best with easy-to-use technology. Improving our API is one of many steps we are taking to ensure all of our reward and incentive fulfillment technology is simple and effective for our enterprise customers everywhere," said Chek Lim, CTO at Tango Card.

For an overview of the RaaS API and a summary of the technical changes, see our documentation: https://www.tangocard.com/docs/raas-api/

About Tango Card

Tango Card, a private Seattle based company, is the go-to partner for digital rewards and incentives. Tango Card combines easy-to-use technology, a desirable reward catalog, and expert support to deliver reward solutions with impact. Rewards sent by Tango Card are used every day by businesses to drive positive results in employee rewards programs, wellness programs, customer acquisition & loyalty programs, research incentives, and modern payment disbursements.

Tango Card: http://www.tangocard.com/

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