You can earn up to 85% even if the Bitcoin rate drops at Bitplutos

You can earn up to 85% even if the Bitcoin rate drops at Bitplutos

Binary options by Bitplutos are a new and anonymous alternative for Bitcoin investors. You can earn up to 85% profits on a correct prediction even when the exchange rate drops!

As humans, we make binary decisions all the time as a matter of survival. Should you touch that hot stove or not? NO! Will Bitcoin continue to rise against the USD in the next day? YES or NO? If you think you have an answer, you should put your money where your mouth is with binary options. Binary options by Bitplutos are a new and anonymous alternative for Bitcoin investors. Binary options are not gambling and Bitplutos is regulated under Montenegro law.

Any Bitcoin holder is just clicks away from trying their hand at binary options with Bitcoin. This is the ultimate opportunity to grow your Bitcoin stash while staying anonymous. While other Bitcoin exchanges have had to seek excessive amounts of customer information in order to maintain their fiat banking ties, Bitplutos will always honor the privacy wishes of those that use Bitcoin as a part of their pseudonymous online identity.

Bitplutos provides every trader, whether a new or experienced, with a suite of risk management tools and useful analysis instruments. Compared to regular cryptocurrency and forex trading, binary options are a great way to get your feet wet in the growing world of fintech. Bitplutos has a variety of discounts and special promotions for new users. New users can enjoy a handful of risk-free trades as well as a 20% discount on VIP status for any desired length of time. Open your account now to double or even triple your bitcoins with the correct prediction in 1 day!

About Bitplutos VIP

– 5%more profits on every winning trade

– Instant withdrawal even to a different BTC address

– Withdraw their bitcoins into fiat currencies

– Free Iphone / Ipad / MacBook for VIPs (yes, you’re reading it right)

– 24/7 help from their Account Managers (strategies, webinars, tips, signals etc.)

– SPOT FOLLOW feature: observe best traders and copy their moves on the fly

About Bitplutos

Bitplutos is the first binary options platform to use Bitcoins and guarantee the full anonymity of the investor. Bitplutos has over 4000 users since it started in May. The growing binary options company also provides specialist expertise on currency, commodity, stock, and index trading in their Education Center and Spot Follow features. Bitplutos is committed to you – the Bitcoin investor. Since launching in mid 2015, Bitplutos has earned thousands of new users and offers a competitive affiliate program.

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