Waterhole Promises Change in Virtual Currency OTC Trading

Waterhole Promises Change in Virtual Currency OTC Trading

Waterhole, the mobile based marketplace for users to buy and sell bitcoin, has finally been released. It is a refined marketplace that caters to both advanced sellers and new buyers in a safe, protected ecosystem.

After years of selling bitcoins online and being frustrated by the lack of improvement in the marketplace, the two founders, Ziqi Chen and Jason Nguyen, decided to reform the system to safeguard both sellers and buyers of the virtual currency world.

What sets Waterhole apart from every other platform involves a few key area:

Complete and independently built mobile app from the source code up

1. All messages and transactions are end to end encrypted which are secure as Telegram but with a more robust customized protocol.
2. Better customer service systems for instant message communications.
3. Full featured social instant messaging (IM) functions, meanwhile allowing anonymity if desired.

Anti-fraud measures that are unheard of in the marketplace such as

1. Geo-fencing to block certain users from a particular area or bank branch
2. Triple verification process for users through ID, headshot photo, and video verification

Seller system

1. Real-time photo and video upload to prevent Photoshopped media, allowing for better peer-to-peer AML/KYC verifications and payment proofs.
2. Automatically start and end sales based on preset settings
3. Easily adjust pricing automatically
4. Filter out buyers based on volume, score, ratings, verifications, and much more
5. GPS-based selling allows sellers to confirm a particular transaction at a specific bank location and local face to face transactions

Buyer system

1. Find the nearest bank or credit union listing from each advertisement categories.
2. Choose from available and active sellers.
3. A variety of payment methods depending on the buyer's need.

And the list goes on and on. Waterhole is an evolving company who takes the best and makes it better and fixes the issues that plagues many other platforms. The whole team has first hand experience when it comes to selling in the digital currency world.


Waterhole.io is launching a promotional period of zero fees to use the platform for two months, starting July to August. Sellers will receive a full refund from the initial 1% fee after the promotional period ends. This is to prevent possible abuses during the promotional period.

About Waterhole IO

Waterhole.io is an emerging startup passionate about changing the way users interact in the virtual currency ecosystem to buy, sell, trade, and communicate with one another. They specialize in implementing anti-fraud measures and pride themselves in developing the source code from the ground up by their own hand-picked team of talented engineers. Equipped with hands-on experience since 2013 in bitcoin mining, operating ATM and trading on multiple platforms, Waterhole is a FinTech company poised to change the market forever. Many more major features will be released for each quarter, including smart contract options, additional currencies and blockchains, and all other peer to peer economy business model. For more information, please visit our website.

Android: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=io.waterhole
iOS: https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/waterhole-messenger/id1104208603?mt=8

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