Mish Coin Phase 1 Launch! New Virtual Currency Taking On Bitcoin!

Mish Coin Phase 1 Launch! New Virtual Currency Taking On Bitcoin!

Mish coin is the new virtual currency about to change the world. Bitcoin look out!

Mish coin is very different from other virtual currencies. The value of Mish Coins are pre-determined until phase 3 which is the initial public offer (officially). However members can order Mish Coin in phase 1 for only $0.10. This has never been done before and we at Mish Coin are very excited about it.

If our members buy Mish Coins in phase 1 for $0.10 each, these coins will be worth $409.60 when we officially release the currency on the open market in just a few weeks.

More information is available on our website, however basically the currency is released in Phase 1 for $0.10 each and will double in value each week for 12 weeks during phase 2.

You can buy, sell or exchange your Mish Coin at any time during phase 2 or simply hold them until phase 3 when they are worth $409.60.

At this point you can hold the coin, sell, exchange or buy items at any of the merchants who have already pre-registered to accept mishcoin as their payment processor.

Mish Coin is here to fill the holes that other virtual currency services such as Bitcoin currently have such as:


*Earning potential

*Ease of sending and receiving payments

In phase 1 we are also launching our pre-launch referral party where we are paying $10000 cash for the top 100 referrers. That's right, you can simply share our website via your unique referral link within your member area to win $10000 instant cash!!!

Mish Coin is currently in pre-launch. Sign up now for free and take advantage of this opportunity while you still can!!!

Mish coin

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