34 Bytes Announces New Bitcoin POS Terminal, Offers Merchants a Chance to Win a Free Fully Functional Prototype

34 Bytes Announces New Bitcoin POS Terminal, Offers Merchants a Chance to Win a Free Fully Functional Prototype

The new fully functional Bitcoin point-of-sale (POS) terminals by Los Angles based 34 Bytes, LLC has entered the beta testing phase. Merchants taking part in the beta launch will get to use the POS terminal for free.

34 Bytes is deeply involved in the promotion of the emerging crypto-economy by creating solutions aimed at improving the in-person bitcoin payment experience. 34 Bytes user-friendly point of sale solutions are built keeping the needs and convenience of both merchants and customers in mind.

34 Bytes’ bitcoin point of sale terminals does not require the merchant to use a smartphone or a tablet to accept payments. These standalone devices are built to accept bitcoin transactions from any bitcoin wallet application by scanning the QR code printed on the receipt generated by the terminal. The received bitcoin can then be transferred to the online bitcoin payment processor Coinbase or to a cold wallet depending on the merchant’s preference. More back-end integration options will be announced soon.

The POS terminals created by 34 Bytes are secure and comes with their own built-in Wi-Fi. The company does not ever have access to the merchant’s private keys, giving the merchant complete control over their funds. The beta phase of 34 Bytes Bitcoin POS Terminal also comes with its own set of benefits. Merchants who choose to be beta testers of the product can do so for free by participating in the ‘Free Bitcoin POS Terminal Contest’. Selected merchants get to own and operate their Bitcoin POS Terminal at no cost. The company will waive off processing fee for 6 weeks from the time of signup. In return, these beta testers be asked to share feedback about the system, its ease of operation, customer experience and other relevant information. Merchants can sign up for the Free Bitcoin POS Terminal Contest here.

To learn more about 34 Bytes, please visit: http://34bytes.com/

Participate in the Free Bitcoin POS Terminal Contest: http://34bytes.com/free-terminal-contest/

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