Spells of Genesis Guilds: New Leaderboard, BitCrystals Reward

Spells of Genesis Guilds: New Leaderboard, BitCrystals Reward

Today, at 3 p.m. CEST, Phase 1 of the Guilds Season of Spells of Genesis (SoG) will end, ushering in the start of Phase 2. This next stage brings with it the launch of the new guilds leaderboard to officially track team scores.

Spells of Genesis Launches Phase 2 of Guilds.

Game designer at EverdreamSoft, Jasper Damman, said: “We want SoG to be enjoyed competitively, solo, and in teams. Until now, our focus has been mostly on the solo experience of the game. The guilds we are introducing are the first step in creating a ‘group’ feeling in Spells of Genesis.”

The second phase will run until Oct. 11, 3 p.m. CEST. At the end of the phase, 5,000 BitCrystals (BCY) will be distributed among the guilds. Each guild will receive a share of the BCY proportionate to the number of points they earned during Phase 2. Furthermore, the share of the BCY received by each guild will be split equally between their members.

At press time, 1 BCY is worth roughly 0.0003 BTC  (US $0.18181).

With the start of this second phase, the success of guilds will now be quantified in the form of points earned. Scores will be registered on the new, guilds-specific leaderboard as well as toward individual scores on the solo leaderboard.

EverdreamSoft states, gold earned in the new Infinity level will only go towards a player’s guild score and not their solo score. The Infinity level, despite the name, consists of up to 35 “waves” and is designed for players to improve their skills in SoG. Future releases will increase the amount of levels offered.

Once the guilds leaderboard opens, players will no longer be able to create, join or quit guilds. Guilds will also be unable to remove players once the new leaderboard launches, so essentially players are locked into their guild for the duration of Phase 2. In addition, any guilds that only consist of one member will not qualify as a guild and players can only be in one guild at a time.

This announcement follows last week’s game reset (Sept. 22), in which in-game items and gains — gold, gems and trading cards not stored on the blockchain — were wiped from the game.

About EverdreamSoft

EverdreamSoft is a Switzerland-based company founded in 2010. The company specializes in the development of casual and online trading card games, which includes the popular trading card game Moonga, the top grossing card game in six countries in summer 2010.

For more information visit: http://everdreamsoft.com/

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