Stratis’ InterFlux Protocol Adds Support for Ethereum, Hyperledger, DEXs & DeFi

Stratis’ InterFlux Protocol Adds Support for Ethereum, Hyperledger, DEXs & DeFi

Press Release: Blockchain as a Service (BaaS) platform Stratis’ support to private and public blockchain solutions, Ethereum and Hyperledger, opens the ecosystem to mainstream adoption by businesses.

24th March, 2021, London, United Kingdom –  Stratis is developed to help make blockchain services accessible for businesses worldwide. In pursuit of that aim, it now supports interoperability with Ethereum, allowing firms to tap into the ease of use provided by Stratis Technologies while reaching out to millions of Ethereum users. The launch of its wrapped token (wSTRAX) also brings in a boom for the DeFi sector. Locked in a 1:1 ratio with the Stratis’ native STRAX Token, platforms built on Ethereum can utilize wSTRAX in their DeFi products.

Stratis provides an Enterprise-Grade Blockchain Solution developed in C# on the Microsoft .NET Core Framework focusing on Modular Blockchain Solutions for Public and Private Blockchain Solutions. Stratis offers Blockchain-as-a-Service (BaaS) to remove the complexities associated with launching a decentralized chain. Industry-leading Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS) providers are supported to enable rapid deployment of services. Stratis BaaS allows organizations to embark on Blockchain solution development without the expense of administering and hosting an environment.

Introducing InterFlux

Stratis is very aware of developments that have taken place within the public-blockchain space. This has become prevalent with the exponential growth of decentralized finance (DeFi) offerings such as UniSwap, Maker and Curve. This focus has led to the further development of Stratis’ interoperability solution. Stratis InterFlux will provide interoperability between the Stratis (STRAX) Blockchain and the Ethereum blockchain, bringing xETH to Stratis Blockchain Technologies and, importantly, wSTRAX to the Ethereum Blockchain. In a nutshell, Stratis InterFlux enables a seamless exchange of the STRAX Token to an equivalent Token on the Ethereum Blockchain, a token known as wSTRAX. 

The wSTRAX token will fully leverage recent developments within the DeFi domain, taking advantage of rich liquidity pools and decentralized lending protocols available through the Ethereum ecosystem.

Achieving Trustlessness

Stratis’ solution has been designed to remove any levels of centralization. The Stratis InterFlux Hub provides a mature set of locked-in Masternodes that autonomously process requests between two blockchains, resulting in a genuinely trustless exchange of STRAX Tokens to wSTRAX on the Ethereum Blockchain.

Stratis Continues Building on Success

The Stratis team has been immensely active in the last year, launching service after service. Most recently, the platform’s potential caught the eye of investment fund Alphabit, which committed an 8 figure sum towards the platform’s development over the next two years.

Stratis provides the only Blockchain platform that offers end-to-end Microsoft solutions, utilizing the .NET Core Framework. Organizations that solely develop their product offerings or internal line-of-business applications with Microsoft technologies can integrate and support with ease using the same development tooling. The platform has been designed with developers in mind, enabling existing .NET Developers to pick-up and become proficient within reduced periods. 

C# is a popular programming language used in the industry. Thus, Stratis’ support saves both time and money for companies worldwide that no longer need to reformat software for another programming language.

The STRAX token is already available on cryptocurrency exchange Binance. With its advanced features such as the InterFlux, Sidechains, SegWit support, a complete library of dApps and tools, Stratis gives companies  worldwide a chance to leverage the power of blockchain for their operations without having to learn immensely complex blockchain programming languages and architectures.

About Stratis

Stratis offers unprecedented levels of security, reliability and performance through leveraging blockchain. The platform’s native C# ecosystem enables businesses worldwide to utilize their existing IT infrastructure and tools to adopt blockchain technology by providing access to the Stratis blockchain’s features in a familiar language to the everyday developer.

  • Microsoft Focus: Stratis provides the only Blockchain platform that offers end-to-end Microsoft solutions, utilizing the .NET Core Framework
  • Stratis Identity: A decentralized KYC and AML check to make it easier for businesses to verify client identities and comply with regulations.
  • Supply Trust: A turnkey solution for supply chain management, providing complete visibility in a trustless and decentralized environment.
  • STO Platform: Regulation-compliant digital securities for businesses launching STO’s
  • Stratis Smart Contracts: Secure and auditable digital contracts that are developed in the industry-standard Microsoft C# language, fit for the DeFi age.

Now with InterFlux support, companies will be able to use the powerful and industry-friendly Stratis blockchain whilst still being able to tap into the largest DeFi markets on Ethereum.

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